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Melissa Ezarik
A new DA survey reveals areas where all allocated dollars may not be spent because of school closures, and how next year’s budget may be impacted by the pandemic. Read more>>

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Nonprofit organization MIND Research Institute is offering no-cost access to ST Math, its award-winning K-8 visual instructional program. Access is free for parents, schools and districts. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick
A COVID-19 slide could mean some students could return in fall with 70% of a typical year's learning gains in reading, and less than 50% in math, which is nearly a full year behind, NWEA researchers say. Read more>>

Kara Arundel
Keeping detailed and focused documentation about special education services will show that your district made good-faith efforts to continue individual specialized services during the coronavirus outbreak—plus help in preparing for when in-person schooling resumes. Read more>>

Chris Burt
Here are free resources, services and teaching materials being offered at no charge during the coronavirus outbreak. Updated on April 29. Read more>>

Jacie Maslyk, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker
DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Jacie Maslyk shares how to connect with and motivate your team—and students—effectively during school closures. She is assistant superintendent of Hopewell Area School District in Pennsylvania. Read more>>

Chris Burt and Steve Isaacs
A renowned middle school teacher offers up some of the best ways to keep students engaged and connected during COVID-19 ... by giving them something they enjoy: Minecraft. Read more>>

Top News

One school administrator went through classrooms with a measuring stick to ensure the 440 students could be seated six feet apart when they returned. He also split the schoolyard into six sections and sent a detailed diagram to parents outlining staggered arrival times, routes, breaks and lunchtimes. Read more>>

Associated Press via ABC News
During the first week that her San Diego public school was shuttered, not one of Elise Samaniego's students logged on to her virtual classroom. Three weeks in, the teacher still hadn’t connected online with roughly two-thirds of her students. Read more>>

Several states have announced their plans to begin lifting social distancing measures and the federal government has issued new guidelines to reopen the country in phases but it doesn't appear that students may return to the classroom. Read more>>

The Lewiston Tribune
Among the criteria for reopening schools, statewide and local stay-at-home orders and social-distancing restrictions must be lifted. The guidelines also indicate schools can only reopen 14 days after the state’s infection rate has peaked. Read more>>

The Washington Post
Expanded summer school. Extra days next year. Staggered start dates in the fall. Local education leaders say they are considering every possibility as they wait to see how long the novel coronavirus will keep school buildings closed. Read more>>

The Denver Post
Some Denver Public Schools students come from affluent families equipped with an abundance of meals, technology and support at home. Others are experiencing homelessness, tackling language barriers or lacking internet access to connect them to their virtual classrooms. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The New York Times
Learning reversals could hobble an entire generation unless state leaders quickly work to reverse the slide. Any reasonable approach would include diagnostic testing, aggressive remedial plans, and an outreach effort, without which many disadvantaged students might not return to school at all. Read more>>

The Atlantic
No amount of love and care at home can turn the average parent into a special-education teacher overnight. Nor can it enable them to practice occupational, speech, or physical therapy—services that are provided in many schools, but aren’t always covered by insurance and can therefore be out of reach. Read more>>

Industry News

A new LTI-based integration enables institutions to use 42 Lines' Harmonize online discussion platform within D2L's D2L Brightspace learning management system. Read more>>

Moto Sign and Media Corporation
Moto Sign and Media Corporation's new HandMoto is a portable, dry erase activity board where any standard printed content can be inserted to change the background for unlimited uses and activities. Read more>>