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Matt Zalaznick
Superintendents in some states can carry budget surpluses over to the next school year or shift unspent dollars among different accounts. And state and federal waivers are giving districts yet more leeway. Read more>>

Chris Burt
Here are free resources, services and teaching materials being offered at no charge during the coronavirus outbreak. Updated on April 29. Read more>>

Cameron Shaw, DA guest columnist
DA guest columnist Cameron Shaw credits educator dedication and the quick implementation of communication tools for Dawson ISD’s successful response to COVID-19. He is technology director of the Central Texas district. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn
These four K-12 districts are being honored as Districts of Distinction runners-up for developing innovative career and technical education programs. Read more>>

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The New York Times
The mayor announced that in-person classes were suspended through June, but the governor countered that he had yet to make a call. The governor and mayor, who have long had a combative relationship, can’t seem to make peace during the biggest crisis of their careers. Read more>>

The coronavirus crisis is prompting difficult conversations about what it means to graduate. Read more>>

Educators are now shouldering an impossible task: to replicate the functions of school for months without an actual school building. In interviews with teachers and school leaders across the country—about how this vast experiment in remote learning is unfolding—a few important patterns emerged. Read more>>

The Associated Press via The Washington Times
Remote learning in Washington state has illuminated several shortcomings, and education for special needs students is one of them. Families, attorneys and educators worry that the coming months will set these students back even further. Read more>>

The Washington Post
The coronavirus pandemic is threatening protest movements worldwide—from Hong Kong to Lebanon to Chile. But it poses particular challenges for teen climate activists, who built a movement around the act of skipping school on Fridays and parading through streets in a highly visible show of rage. Read more>>

Reuters via The New York Times
The move to online learning has exposed a digital divide that plagues the entire Chicago public school system. Some 70% of its 360,000 students are economically disadvantaged and a third have had no access to a laptop or desktop computer. Monday’s shift, a deadline set by Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, has been a “Herculean task.” Read more>>

Northwestern Indiana Times
The state will allow more flexible teacher evaluation requirements this spring in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Read more>>

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How has technology purchasing in your district been evolving since schools have been closed? DA is looking to interview district technology administrators about what tech purchases have been made because of school closures and how you think tech procurement will change even once schools are back in session. Contact us>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Harvard Gazette
School closings due to the coronavirus have turned a spotlight on the financial and resource disparities among districts, schools and individual students, and how they contribute to educational and income inequality in the nation. We now have an opportunity to reshape American education. Read more>>

The Learning Network, The New York Times
While students say they miss their friends, teachers, sports, extracurricular activities and even “the loud and crazy lunchroom,” some have discovered that they enjoy getting to work at their own pace, set their own schedule and be free from “the stressful environment of school.” Read more>>

Industry News

CherryRoad Technologies Inc./LogMeIn, Inc.
In conjunction with LogMeIn’s Unified Communications and Collaboration, CherryRoad Technologies Inc. has launched Digital Town Hall. It provides real-time digital interaction at school board, administration and parent/teacher meetings. Read more>>

Educating All Learners Alliance
Educating All Learners Alliance, which was formed to support the education of students with disabilities during COVID-19, launched, a resource hub and online community dedicated to meeting the needs of all learners. Read more>>