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Matt Zalaznick
With schools closed and shifting to online education due to the coronavirus, a Colorado superintendent says he and his leadership team are not scripting or dictating how teachers deliver virtual instruction. Read more>>

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Get proven tips for keeping students at every level engaged in literacy when school is not in session—to help ensure they continue to learn and grow. Here is a free, shareable resource, provided by Renaissance. Read more>>

Chris Burt
The High School Esports League and other organizations are finding ways to engage students by giving them a chance to compete head-to-head online. Read more>>

Oksana Hagerty and Nicki Nance, DA guest columnists
DA guest columnists Oksana Hagerty and Nicki Nance provide 10 strategies for educators and parents to consider implementing during school closures. Hagerty and Nance are from Beacon College, which is dedicated to educating primarily neurodivergent students. Read more>>

Chris Burt
Here are free resources, services and teaching materials being offered at no charge during the coronavirus outbreak. Updated on April 29. Read more>>

Top News

Gov. Ralph Northam announced all schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia will remain closed for the remainder of the academic school year. His administration is working on waivers to relieve testing requirements. Read more>>

As classes move online, many schools fear students with disabilities could be left behind, in violation of federal laws. The Education Department calls this reading of the law "a serious misunderstanding." Read more>>

Bethesda Magazine
A bill that would have given Montgomery County school board members a raise for the first time in six years failed in this year’s abbreviated state legislative session. The proposed $10,000 raise would have increased board members’ salaries to $35,000 per year. Read more>>

Los Angeles Times
The massive LAUSD effort's centerpiece is $100 million in new spending to provide a district computer to every child in need, and technology training for teachers and students—expenses that could threaten the district’s solvency. Read more>>

Virginia's governor is closing schools for the rest of the academic year while North Carolina's schools will remain closed through May 15. When all measures go into effect that have been announced, 39 percent of the population will be under such orders. Read more>>

School closures in San Diego County caused by the coronavirus pandemic have left thousands of students with disabilities without routine services and therapies, a disruption that parents say will likely lead to academic, behavioral and social regression. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The pandemic has thrown up many stories that reflect the better side of human nature. And one of these stories is of the online education providers offering resources, tutoring and support for free to help the millions of parents who are now schooling at home. Read more>>

The Associated Press
The nation’s largest school system plunged in to online education as New York City asked over 1.1 million students to log in and learn. City officials were still trying to get laptops to hundreds of thousands of students in need. Read more>>

Industry News

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) launched the COVID-19 Education Coalition, a group of education organizations focused on curating, creating and delivering tools and support for educators during extended school closures. Read more>>

Listenwise is the first curriculum to offer Lexile audio measures on each of their podcast lessons for grades 2-12. The audio measure provides an approach to leveling listening passages. Read more>>