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Matt Zalaznick
Coronavirus has district leaders quickly devising ways to provide school meals, ed tech and remote learning as entire states begin to order schools to shut buildings for the rest of the 2019-2020 year.  Read more>>

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Chris Burt
Here are free resources, services and teaching materials being offered at no charge during the coronavirus outbreak. Updated on April 29. Read more>>

Jodi Helmer
Managing the abundance of learning apps in the classroom means ensuring curriculum compatibility and Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance. Read more>>

Top News

Chalkbeat Tennessee
Tennessee legislative leaders filed a proposal to drop state testing and waive the required 180 days of classroom instruction this year as schools shutter statewide without certainty of when they’ll reopen amid a public health emergency. Read more>>

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Gov. Laura Kelly announced that she has ordered K-12 school buildings to be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, citing fears about the spread of COVID-19 and the "unprecedented emergency" it presents. Read more>>

The Dallas Morning News
Local governments will be allowed to delay May 2 elections until November, after Gov. Greg Abbott suspended the rules over coronavirus concerns. While he stopped short of ordering a delay, he encouraged local officials to postpone their elections. Read more>>

The Arizona Republic
State lawmakers will introduce a bill to allow Arizona students to finish the school year from home. They are planning to consider help for two different possible outcomes if schools are able to reopen by March 30 or stay closed past that date. Read more>>

The Kentucky Board of Education has granted a sweeping waiver to allow school districts not already part of the state’s non-traditional instruction program to join for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. Read more>>

As students across the country adjust to learning outside of their classrooms, some states are preparing for the disruption to last the rest of the school year as the coronavirus outbreak continues, including Florida, Kansas, Arizona and California. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

As of March 17, 38 states have decided to close their public schools and more closures are sure to follow. Parents, teachers and students are often left out of the loop, with no real information being given on what the expectations are during this difficult time. Read more>>

The 74
School closures become more complicated when schools are the main delivery system for social services. And it’s worth asking whether the cancellation of classes should mean that large numbers of children go without food. Read more>>

Industry News

iD Tech Camps
iD Tech is launching a virtual tech camp experience led by iD Tech's instructors while mirroring the summer camp programs for elementary, middle and high school sdents that iD Tech has operated on over 150 college and university campuses. Read more>>

mindSpark Learning/Girls Who Code
mindSpark Learning has partnered with Girls Who Code (GWC) to bring free computer science learning resources to third through 12th grade girls across the country. mindSpark Learning will also assist districts and schools implementing GWC clubs. Read more>>

Construction Watch

Nottingham MD
The Built to Learn Act bill will invest an additional $2.2 billion into school construction, prioritizing schools with the oldest buildings and schools with a high number of classroom trailers. Read more>>

The Chronicle via Big Country News
A Washington bill to help the state’s 150 smallest school districts pay for modernization of their facilities has been approved by the Legislature and sent to the governor. It is aimed at small districts that struggle to pass bond issues and levies. Read more>>