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The Register-Herald
A proposed House bill states that beginning with the 2021-22 school year, each county school board shall employ full-time at least one school psychologist for every 1,000 kindergarten through seventh grade students, or that if needed, it may contract with school psychologists or psychiatrists. Read more>>

A Ohio state representative is proposing a bill that would prohibit districts from eliminating busing in the middle of the school year. Districts would also have to keep busing from the previous academic year if they want a levy on the ballot. Read more>>

This year, many Minnesota school districts are being caught by surprise because of a special education funding formula passed in 2016 that is just now going into effect. The governor has proposed $76 million in new special education funding to help local school districts deal with the new shortfalls. Read more>>

The North Carolina General Assembly is considering a bill that would adjust the grading scale used to grade the performance of state public schools. It would promote a 15-point grading scale, meaning higher grades for lower scores. Read more>>

Charleston Gazette-Mail
West Virginia students could see the number of instructional days they receive each school year reduced from 180 to 170 under one proposed bill. The legislation would also keep the mandate on school boards that workers must have an “employment term” of at least 200 days per school year. Read more>>

The Washington Post
Overwhelmingly white school districts received $23 billion more than predominantly nonwhite school districts in state and local funding in 2016, despite serving roughly the same number of children, a new report finds. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Sentinel
High school students can choose alternative paths, such as construction, welding or cosmetology, instead of attending a traditional four year college. Unfortunately, many students do not know about alternative routes because teachers and administrators are only informing certain high school students about these programs. Read more>>

The 74
In thinking about our education system, the most important question must be: “And how are the children?” Students, and particularly low-income students, students of color, and English learners, must have grade-appropriate assignments, strong instruction, deep engagement and teachers with high expectations for student success. Read more>>

The Atlantic
Schools seek to minimize the amount of time kids spend in the bathroom during class to ensure that they get the most out of their instruction, and generally restrict students’ access to prevent misconduct in the restrooms. But treating bathroom use as a discipline issue can have serious health implications. Read more>>

Industry News

The new K12 district enterprise solution centralizes and streamlines records management districtwide. The platform delivers print or electronic transcripts with mobile tracking into college admissions offices, offers online request processing for any record type, streamlines record ordering, and more. Read more>>

Through a new partnership, Newsela’s multidisciplinary, standards-aligned texts are embedded into 100 ready-to-run Nearpod lessons with virtual reality and interactive assessments. Read more>>

VARIDESK is launching two height-adjustable standing desks for students. Sit-Stand SchoolDesk has a dry erase writable desktop for drawing and taking notes for students in third through 12th grade. Made for fifth grade through 12th grade, SchoolDesk also has a dual-level ergonomic footrest. Read more>>