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Steven Blackburn
At FETC 2020, nearly 150 ed tech coaches and teachers took advantage of a free online training and mentorship program to earn a micro-credential by first participating in select sessions. Read more>>

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In the age of crisis events, the number of widgets, products and approaches hitting the market on a weekly basis can be overwhelming. Are these offers leaving some with a false sense of security? Read more>>

Steven Blackburn
Police dog teams are familiar to all, and therapy dogs increasingly spend time in schools. Now, in some districts, security officers are patrolling their buildings with specially trained school dogs that can follow the sound and odor of gunfire and firearms to neutralize threats. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick
Active-shooter drills that simulate gun violence should be prohibited because they haven't proven to save lives, but they can traumatize students, says a new report. Read more>>

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Las Cruces Sun News
Is Google using the free Chromebook computers it issues to school children to scoop up federally protected personal data? New Mexico's attorney general believes it is. Read more>>

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Kids Discover offers a unique Discover Map that enables students to navigate thousands of science and social studies resources, providing an interactive way to do independent research. Learn more>>

Los Angeles Times
Most of the funds will go to 75 public elementary schools, including charters, with the poorest third-grade reading scores in California over the last two years. Read more>>

Lewiston Sun Journal
School safety has become a $2.7 billion industry that “has grown up around the anguish of parents and school staff and the desperate feeling that we must ‘do something,'” the report says. Read more>>

Houston Chronicle
IDEA Quest College Prep leaders attribute the network’s success to a highly structured, no-excuses system executed by well-trained staff and, they argue, students respond to the district’s challenging academic requirements. Read more>>

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia School District officials blame a state formula that forces artificially high rates for city charters serving a smaller share of students with severe disabilities, according to a new analysis. Read more>>

The Denver Post
In August students return to school on days when temperatures still reach well into the 90s. Some teachers have led protests, saying their students were too hot to learn and that some kids had gotten sick. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Washington Post
It has never been proved that the vanishing of the records, often undertaken by white officials, was intentional or coordinated. Still, it had far-reaching consequences: The historical narrative of segregated black education has centered on the schools’ inadequacy. Read more>>

Brookings Institution
The absence of systemwide data makes it difficult to target resources wisely, and nearly impossible to assess whether large public investments in quality improvements are paying off. Read more>>

The New York Times
Among people with a high school education or less, 13.5 percent of whites and 13.2 percent of blacks died before age 60. In those with some college, 9 percent of blacks and 6.7 percent of whites died, a 30-year study has found. Read more>>

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Macmillan Learning
The iClicker engagement tools can be used on laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Instructors can use iClicker to take attendance, facilitate active learning activities and complete in-class quizzes. The Focus feature also promotes self-regulating behavior. Read more>>

STEMscopes School Success creates custom-tailored plans for STEM excellence based on the strengths and weaknesses within each district or school. The six-step system is designed to meet the needs of schools at all levels of STEM practice. Read more>>