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The New York Times
Among the issues the Education Committee plans to examine: the carrying out of the Every Student Succeeds Act and the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act; recommendations from the Federal Commission on School Safety in response to the Parkland mass school shooting; and the department’s role in the rebuilding of schools in Puerto Rico, in the Virgin Islands and in other areas. Read more>>

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Matific, a math resource for K-6, is designed to assist in closing the achievement gap in classrooms and schools across the U.S. Proven to help improve student test scores, Matific is worth trying out. Read more>>

Capital Gazette
Anne Arundel County school board members will propose a number of amendments to the superintendent’s recommended $1.26 billion operating budget. The budget includes requests to hire 201 teachers, increase substitute teacher pay and expand services for non-native English-speaking students. Read more>>

The Maryland district’s $2.3 billion operating budget includes pay increases for teachers, cost of living allowances, benefits for employees and a 15-minute longer day. Read more>>

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Gov. Tony Evers said he would seek to provide “more accountability and transparency” within the state’s private school voucher programs but would not include a proposal to phase out taxpayer-funded school vouchers in his first state budget. Read more>>

The Ohio High School Athletic Association is down almost 800 officials for its junior high through high school varsity sanctioned sports compared to the 2017-18 school year. The cumulative impact of the shortage prompted the association to send a media release in January saying adult behavior needs to improve. Read more>>

The Chicago Tribune
High schoolers’ experiences are reflected in two key points made in a new research paper. Adolescents value a student’s versatility, engaging in and enjoying everything from their studies to sports. But academic anxiety is on the rise because students feel so much pressure to do so much with their time. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

A growing number of educators are remodeling their classes by fusing game elements to their instructional environments. Does switching grades for experience points and homework for quests amount only to cosmetic surgery? Is school merely being “reskinned” with a new paint job without fundamentally altering the age-old classroom rituals? Read more>>

The 74
Of the 850,000 students who are ready for college by the end of 11th grade, one-third are from low-income households. A new report makes the case that there should be better pathways for these students to begin college coursework but still remain in high school, if they choose, and possibly save time and tuition money. Read more>>

Daily Trojan
Having taxpayer-funded Bible literacy classes in schools is unconstitutional. If public schools adopt religious education curricula, they must implement a program which is diverse in schools of thought beyond those that use the Bible for teaching. Read more>>

Industry News

IXL Learning
The Idaho State Department of Education has approved IXL Learning’s IXL Language Arts for use in K5 classrooms statewide. This adoption makes it easier for Idaho schools to implement IXL’s platform to help learners at all levels make strides in literacy. Read more>>

Instructure, Inc./Portfolium
Instructure, Inc. has entered into an agreement to acquire Portfolium, the student success network built to showcase the achievements, projects and competencies of students to potential employers. Read more>>

MetaMetrics/Lexia Learning/Rosetta Stone
Lexia Learning and MetaMetrics announced the addition of Lexile measures for all students who have completed the Lexia RAPID Assessment (RAPID). Lexile reader measures are now available via the class table and the district and school exports in the myLexia data reporting platform for educators. Read more>>

Construction Watch

The Seattle Times
The supermajority requirement of 60 percent sets an unreasonably high bar for passing school bonds. The Legislature should pull the threshold back to a simple majority. Too many school districts struggle to pass a school bond. Crumbling, overcrowded and unsafe buildings do represent an equity issue. Read more>>

North State Journal
The North Carolina House and Senate are running competing plans on the best way to fund school construction and capital needs. Both contain funds around the $2 billion mark, but legislators are debating over whether it is best to have a statewide bond proposal or draw from an existing fund. Read more>>

A bill making its way through the Colorado legislature would allocate more marijuana tax revenues for school construction projects. Under the current law, $40 million or 90 percent of total excise tax revenues goes toward the public school capital construction assistance fund. The new bill would enable 100 percent to be credited to the account. Read more>>