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Striking teachers in West Virginia celebrated as lawmakers rejected a bill that would have opened the first charter schools in the state as unions become more vocal about the public schools run by private groups. Read more>>

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A new Google program featuring PowerGistics Towers allows for quicker deployment of devices. Imagine the time and money your school could save with seamless deployments of devices. Read more>>

The Spokesman-Review
Making public schools more inclusive and safer for transgender students would no longer be optional in Washington if legislators pass a bill heard Monday. School districts would be required to develop a policy to conform to state law that addresses the challenges transgender students face. Read more>>

Associated Press via The Mercury
A threat reporting system now required for all Pennsylvania schools fielded more than 4,900 tips in its first month, about a third of them considered serious enough to pass along to local police and school officials. Read more>>

In South Carolina, lawmakers have proposed to increase teacher pay and improve classroom settings in a series of comprehensive education bills. But now some are proposing school consolidation as a solution to fixing the state’s troubled education system with at least three new bills. Read more>>

A study released by the Public School Forum of North Carolina once again shows a chronic and growing gap in public school funding between the highest and lowest-wealth counties. The study found that the 10 highest spending counties spent on average $3,200 per student compared to $755 by the 10 lowest spending counties. Read more>>

A proposed bill in Arkansas would add an amendment that would reduce National School Lunch state categorical funding if a public school district or open-enrollment public charter school falls below a certain threshold for reading readiness. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Hechinger Report
It’s past time districts introduce accountability goals that address the source of our educational problems: segregation. Housing segregation undoubtedly makes it difficult to create integrated schools. While it’s harder to change neighborhoods than to change schools, we can make sure schools don’t replicate our segregated lifestyles. Diverse cities like New York offer an opportunity to create diverse schools. Read more>>

The majority of countries begin foreign language education around age six and introduce a second language in later school years. If the United States is to remain a competitor in education and in international business, it is crucial to start language education early. Read more>>

The New York Times
The educator protest movement started with cries for better pay, benefits and funding. But it has evolved into a protest against the argument that traditional public schools and the people who work in them are failing, and that they must be challenged by charter schools, private school vouchers and test-driven accountability. Read more>>

Industry News

EdTechTeam’s Dynamic Learning Project, developed with support from Google and Digital Promise, helps school systems build and strengthen instructional coaching programs. The program addresses issues of technology use, equity and career readiness in schools through a challenge-based model. Read more>>

Personify/National Association of Secondary School Principals
Personify, Inc. announced that the National Association of Secondary School Principals is its first client to build its operations strategy with the full Personify Platform including Personify360, Personify Community, Personify Hub, a2z Events and Wild Apricot. Read more>>

Amgen Foundation
Science from Scientists has announced the Amgen biotechnology company as a pilot STEMissaries partner. Amgen and its Amgen Foundation will participate in active, long-term partnerships to support the local community and engage elementary and middle school children directly in their classrooms. Read more>>