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Pulmonology Advisor
School-based, self-managed asthma interventions appear to reduce hospital admissions, the number of days children experience asthma symptoms, emergency department visits, and are likely lead to small improvements in asthma-related quality of life, according to a study published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Read more>>

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First Student President Dennis R. Maple and his team are proud to sponsor the Superintendent of the Year award. The honoree will be named tomorrow at AASA's National Conference on Education in Los Angeles. Read more>>

Changes to the Kansas law requiring 16 emergency drills were introduced, backed by school leaders who say too many emergency exercises take away from class time and potentially cause students unwarranted stress. The proposal would bring the total number of drills down to nine. Read more>>

Deseret News
A state representative pulled back a proposed constitutional amendment that would have asked Utah voters whether to change the elected state school board to a nine-member board appointed by the governor. Read more>>

The Washington Post
The Maryland Senate gave final approval to a bill that would overturn an executive order by Gov. Larry Hogan that required local school districts to start their school year after Labor Day. The measure would allow local school districts to decide when schools should begin and end. Read more>>

The New York Times
A panel commissioned by Mayor Bill de Blasio called on the city to adopt a sweeping measure to address entrenched segregation in education. It would create diversity targets for all 1,800 schools so that their population reflects the racial and economic makeup of the surrounding areas. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report
Mississippi has been highlighted in a new report as one of 10 states in the nation that has robust policies that encourage “healthy schools.” The state is also the only one in the nation to comprehensively cover employee wellness in its policies. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

Houston Chronicle
Parents and students supported the teachers in the Los Angeles strike because they wanted to win on matters such as class size. But they also supported the strike because it articulated some basic truths: Students aren’t getting what they need. Read more>>

Imagine being a high school graduate and finding out a few months before your big day that a court decision has put in jeopardy your ability to walk across the stage and receive a diploma. That is the reality for 170,000 New Jersey high school students who as of this moment have no clear path to graduation. Read more>>

Scientific American
Why hasn’t the strategy to increase teen sleep by delaying school start times been more widely implemented? A new study in Seattle shows the power of starting the day later. What remains largely unknown is whether interventions designed to improve sleep patterns among teenagers may also prevent or delay the onset of mental disorders. Read more>>

Industry News

Project WET Foundation/Ecolab can now be used on all operating systems and devices, thanks to a grant from Ecolab. Ecolab has also supported a complete Chinese translation at, making the site’s interactive digital activities accessible to Mandarin speakers around the world. Read more>>

HiveIO Inc.
Sunnyside USD has selected HiveIO Inc.’s Hive Fabric to power its virtual desktop infrastructure ecosystem. The AI-ready hyperconverged fabric solution will help the district’s IT team increase efficiencies by providing an all-in-one stack that’s able to meet the increased demand of desktop applications from students and staff. Read more>>

U.S. colleges and universities are no longer focusing primarily on GPA and SAT/ACT scores when it comes to college admissions. Parents and students need to understand that college admissions departments are placing an emphasis on admitting multi-dimensional students. UCEazy has developed a program to help eighth- to 10th-grade students become multi-dimensional. Read more>>