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St. Louis is one of two cities in Missouri where charter schools can operate, Kansas City being the other. There is a lot of opposition to expanding charter schools beyond those borders for many reasons, including fear of financial hardship for public school districts and lack of accountability. Read more>>

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The Marietta Times
School personnel from around West Virginia overwhelmingly voted to authorize their state associations to call for a work action if needed over the education reform bill in the Legislature. Read more>>

The Oregonian
Thousands of Oregon children would have to get vaccinated or stay out of school under a bill being prepared by Rep. Mitch Greenlick. The bill would eliminate non-medical exemptions for unvaccinated school children. Read more>>

The Dallas Morning News
Pink Elementary and the rest of Frisco ISD’s 42 elementary schools are finding new ways to get kids moving and keep them healthy. That means yoga classes, martial arts lessons, vegetable “try days” in the cafeteria and more. Read more>>

The Hillsborough County School Board is inviting state lawmakers into specific schools to see first-hand what the district faces regarding needs for security and mental health funding. They plan to show them the challenges they still face. Read more>>

Los Angeles Times
In the wake of the Los Angeles teachers’ strike, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has joined a push for a review of how charter schools could be causing financial problems for traditional school systems. He has asked the state superintendent to convene an expert panel, with a report due by July 1. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

Coaches have skills that can help kids develop experiences outside of the classroom; teachers know how kids learn and connect with information. Both have complementary benefits that can help how kids learn. Tying learning and teaching to a performance, and giving more feedback are two things teachers can utilize. Read more>>

The Wall Street Journal
Traditionally, only the most academically gifted high school students have taken college-level classes. But growing use of dual-credit courses is making that opportunity more widely available. Other courses are teaching job skills that give high school students a better idea of other career paths. Read more>>

Industry News

Great Minds/Wilson Language Training
Developed in collaboration with Wilson Language Training, Great Minds released Geodes, a new category of books for new and emerging readers. With Geodes, Great Minds introduces Readables books, which give students opportunities to practice language while building and extending knowledge, vocabulary and more. Read more>>

The Buck Institute for Education introduced its new brand name, PBLWorks. This change drives a renewed focus on providing high quality project-based learning to all students and supporting teachers and administrators in implementing PBL effectively. Read more>>

PublicSchoolWORKS has launched the “Stay Safe. Speak Up!” mobile app to make it more convenient to securely report safety concerns, including bullying, discrimination and more. Free for PublicSchoolWORKS customers, the app is part of the PublicSchoolWORKS Stay Safe. Speak Up! student safety reporting system. Read more>>

People Watch

Benjy Fenske was selected to replace current superintendent Steve Carvajal, who is resigning at the end of the current school year. Fenske currently serves as the Missouri district’s director of elementary education. He has worked in the district for more than 20 years. Read more>>

Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools is looking for a new superintendent. Beverly Emory will begin working with the North Carolina Department of Instruction to improve low-performing schools as head of the new program. Read more>>