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Matt Zalaznick
Nearly three-quarters of high school students have negative feelings about school, and lack of sleep may be one culprit, according to a Yale University study. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik
With hundreds of sessions to choose from, FETC attendees choosing the Educator track probably felt the need for a clone (or two or three). Hot topics included augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital teaching tools, esports, and MakerEd/robotics. Read more>>

Victoria Locke, DA guest columnist
A new study finds that access to effective computer-adaptive learning software levels the playing field. That’s why blended learning should be an integral part of any district plan, says DA guest columnist Victoria Locke. Read more>>

Top News

The Washington Post
A little-noticed provision tucked inside Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2020-21 budget suggests suspending annual physical performance tests for three years, due to concerns that they can lead to body-shaming and bullying, and that they discriminate against students who have disabilities or identify as nonbinary. Read more>>

The Detroit News
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s proposed education budget features $60 million in additional funding for special education and another $60 million to support academically at-risk and economically disadvantaged students, plus $25 million in new funding to reimburse teachers for out-of-pocket supply costs, among other measures. Read more>>

The New York Times
High school students in 21 states must now take a personal finance course to graduate. The courses—covering topics such as budgeting, saving, credit scores, the cost of borrowing, interest rates and paying for college—reflect a broader realization that “people are responsible for their own financial future.” Read more>>

The Lewiston Tribune
Gov. Brad Little could soon roll out a new five-year teacher pay plan that provides upward of $225 million in additional state support for teacher salaries, and includes a third pay tier for veteran teachers. Read more>>

The Jefferson Union High School District in San Mateo County is trying to combat the high cost of living for its teachers and recruit more staffers with a 122-unit housing development, to be paid for by a bond measure passed in 2018. Officials hope it can serve as a model for other K-12 districts. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report
A Washington state district has made an entire school just for kindergartners where joy and play are the focus. Now, several states, including Washington, are rethinking the kindergarten curriculum and encouraging districts to revive time for block-building, coloring and imagining invisible force fields. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

At a time of political polarization, four governors in recent days have announced promising proposals to tackle literacy in their annual speeches to legislators. Read more>>

More than just records of grades, extended transcripts help young people tell their stories and high schools signal learner success and share readiness for college and careers—with additional endorsements such as certifications, badges earned and scholarships awarded. Read more>>

Industry News

Proximity Learning Inc.
Proximity Learning Inc., an ESS Company, expanded its services with McDowell County Schools in West Virginia. The company will be providing additional English language arts classes with a real-time certified online teacher, delivered via live instruction. Read more>>

Optimal launched a collection of college rankings on that incorporate the Department of Education's data on alumni salary and alumni debt. This allows students to make a cost-to-benefit analysis before choosing a school and major. Read more>>