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The Boston Globe
Interim Superintendent Laura Perille is proposing a $1.14 billion budget for the next school year, a modest increase that would allow the Boston school system to overhaul science instruction in the lower grades and provide more funding for low-performing schools. Read more>>

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Actionable data can help educators make the connections that get students on grade level. See how district leaders leveraged insights from i-Ready to improve their schools and help their students. Read more>>

Tampa Bay Times
Citing the importance of eliminating the “incumbency advantage” and the need to generate fresh ideas, members of the Florida House PreK-12 Quality subcommittee backed a resolution to ask voters to approve term limits for school board members. Read more>>

The Detroit News
Freezing conditions pushed some Michigan school districts on Wednesday to close for their seventh day this school year, which will force their superintendents to decide whether to add more instruction time to the calendar or seek a state waiver to avoid the loss of aid. Read more>>

New York Daily News
How should the city’s public schools spend their money? Ask the students. The Civics for All Participatory Budgeting Project is giving $2,000 for high school students to identify priorities and direct spending on programs approved by their school community. Read more>>

USA Today
Changes in the Advanced Placement world could help more high school students earn college credit via AP exams—but teenagers will pay new fees if they change their minds about taking the tests. The College Board will soon offer AP teachers new practice questions, instructional videos and automated assessments that can give students feedback online. Read more>>

The vast majority of Idaho LGBTQ teenagers who participated in a national survey say they regularly hear homophobic remarks at school. Of the Idaho youth surveyed, 84 percent reported regularly hearing homophobic remarks at school and 74 percent regularly heard negative remarks about transgender people. Read more>>

A new Georgia bill will clarify when drivers can and cannot pass a school bus. Senate Bill 25 changes language senators called confusing when it comes to drivers safely passing stopped school buses. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Atlantic
Declining participation has led some high schools to cancel their football seasons. While the cancellations happened from California to New Jersey, data shows that about half the schools that called off their season this year were in rural areas, where the loss of football doesn’t just affect players and families, but ripples throughout the whole community. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report
Colleges, universities, schools and districts need to work together to find solutions that allow more committed aspiring teachers to enter the profession—paying stipends, providing housing and creating paid positions for student-teachers can all make a difference for educators like me. Sustained practice shouldn’t be the biggest obstacle for them to overcome. Read more>>

How do closures affect students’ academic performance? In many places, closures hurt students academically; in some others, they helped, studies have found. Nationwide, closures appear to slightly lower test scores. And it really matters the quality of the school displaced students end up moving to. Read more>>

Industry News

Amino Labs/MindFuel
Amino Labs has partnered with MindFuel to expand its Canadian and U.S. presence in K12 education. The Amino Labs Educators Starter Kit, which is a synthetic biology starter kit for teachers, will be combined with MindFuel’s service platform to provide curricula-aligned lessons in synthetic biology. Read more>>

Vernier Software & Technology
Vernier Software & Technology has released the Exploring Motion and Force with Go Direct Sensor Cart downloadable activity module to engage students in hands-on learning as they investigate STEM concepts such as frictional forces, motion and simple machines. Read more>>

Some of the newest partner districts protecting students with Gaggle are West Memphis School District in Arkansas, Perris Union High School District in California and School District of Lee County in Florida. Five other districts in Iowa, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin and Washington have signed on as well. Read more>>

Construction Watch

The Dickinson Press
A long journey lies ahead for House Bill 1525, which came before the North Dakota House Education Committee, which would draw money from the Common Schools Trust Fund to pay off all the outstanding debt accrued by school districts around the state. This would, if passed, avoid the need for voters to determine if they will pay for additional school construction through bonding or tax increases. Read more>>

Times Union
The State Education Department has a perpetual backlog of school building project reviews, with nearly half taking six months or longer before they are approved, an audit found. Many projects typically languish for months, adding inflationary costs and impacting the way districts plan for things such as building renovations, new construction or modernizing structures. Read more>>

Carolina Journal
A new debt affordability study for North Carolina could throw cold water on plans by the House and Gov. Roy Cooper to pass a nearly $2 billion bond for public school construction. The Senate said the study at least indirectly justified its alternative proposal to fund K12 building with a pay-as-you-go plan. Read more>>