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The Texas Tribune
Gov. Greg Abbott, in his biennial State of the State address, named as emergency items the consensus priorities of school finance reform, teacher pay raises and property tax relief. Also topping the governor’s priority list: school safety, disaster response and mental health programs. Read more>>

Associated Press via WOWT
Friend School District filed a lawsuit last week because officials want to learn who is behind a Twitter account that has been criticizing the Nebraska school district, its superintendent and other school officials since last fall. The district’s lawyer said the site has made false and defamatory statements. Read more>>

The Times-Picayune
Starting this year, New Orleans public schools are partnering with community leaders to address the city’s own high rate of absenteeism through an initiative called Keeping Kids in School. It aims to address all the causes of absences, from truancy, or cases where students are intentionally skipping school, to absences caused by medical problems. Read more>>

New Hampshire Union Leader
What started as an attempt by lawmakers to remove outdated language on the Lord’s Prayer from state statutes is morphing into a wider effort to define options for prayer in public schools in the House Education Committee this week. Read more>>

The flu is widespread in Alabama and schools in the Tennessee Valley have had to take extreme measures to combat the virus. Fayetteville City and the Lincoln County districts in Tennessee were closed Wednesday through Friday last week. Back in Alabama, the Marshall County District was closed as well. Read more>>

The Salt Lake Tribune
Utah schools would no longer get a letter grade each year for performance—a system that has been largely criticized for relying too much on test scores and accounting too little for diversity—under a bill that gained committee approval. The measure to do away with the controversial A through F grades. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The types of skills required to care for and advocate for oneself and others—self-regulation, responsibility, empathy and discipline—are becoming increasingly central to the work of schools and teachers. More and more, educators are recognizing that these skills are inextricably intertwined with the academic skills. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report
Emotional bullying in the preschool years hurts quite a lot, according to new research. When a child both bullies and gets bullied, depression symptoms begin to appear as early as age 3. Depression in early childhood increases the risk of depression in later childhood, which predicts depression in adolescence. Read more>>

The Conversation
Restorative practices have not been found as effective as many hoped. But reducing suspensions and improving equity in school discipline is still a valid policy goal. The fact that initial reforms have not produced immediate positive results is hardly surprising. After all, changing practice and finding effective interventions in the field of education is hard work. Read more>>

Industry News

Optoma Technology
Optoma added three new ProScene projectors that feature a 300,000:1 contrast ratio and display more than 1 billion colors to produce lifelike images. They also include multiple integrated installation features and 4K HDR compatibility, Read more>>

SchoolMint announced the acquisition of SureWatch in a move to enter the campus management and student safety arena. The news follows an earlier announcement about the creation of the company’s EdTech Holdings platform, now named SchoolMint, Inc., the addition of Hero K12 and the subsequent addition of SchoolMint. Read more>>

MetaMetrics/Age of Learning, Inc.
Age of Learning’s Early Learning Academy, a digital learning resource for children, and ReadingIQ, a digital library with thousands of titles for kids 12 and under, now include Lexile measures from MetaMetrics for their digital books. Read more>>