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Vermont Public Radio
The Vermont House of Representatives will vote this week on postponing implementation of a controversial school governance law. Many are asking lawmakers to postpone the school merger mandate by one year, to let a court case challenging the constitutionality of that order play out before forcing districts’ hands. Read more>>

The Washington Times
Legislatures from the Bible Belt to the Dakotas are mulling bills that would establish biblical literacy courses in high schools, but some education analysts say classes focusing on the Bible’s cultural and historical relevance already are offered in public schools in those states and elsewhere. Read more>>

Wicked Local
In 2017, health insurance for active and retired school employees cost $1.9 billion, accounting for 12 percent of the $15.7 billion spent overall on Massachusetts schools. The costs increased 12.2 percent from 2013, growing at a faster clip than salaries for classroom teachers (11.8 percent). Read more>>

Houston Public Media
For over a year, the threat of a state takeover has loomed over the Houston school district because of poor academics at several schools. Now, the elected board could be replaced with outside managers for an entirely different reason: governance. Read more>>

Omaha World-Herald
Some Omaha-area school districts are mounting bleeding control kits inside schools and training staff and students to use them. The kits contain tourniquets and pressure bandages to stop bleeding from traumatic wounds. Read more>>

The medication paramedics use to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose could soon be in high school classrooms in Alabama. Usually, nurses and other licensed personnel are the only people who can administer Naloxone at schools, but a new training program would allow administrators and coaches to as well. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Daily Progress
The Virginia House of Delegates voted last week to require public schools to make Election Day a school holiday. The bill is a safety measure aimed at keeping unknown people out of school buildings while children are present. Limiting public access to school premises while classes are in session only makes sense. Read more>>

The New York Times
Local school districts and teachers’ unions in New York will now officially be allowed to decide together how educators should be evaluated, with some oversight from the state Education Department, and no requirement that standardized tests must play a role. The turnabout reflects in part the rising power of the state’s teachers’ unions in Albany. Read more>>

Industry News

BrightBytes announced the sale of its DataSense data integration platform to Microsoft. BrightBytes will continue to grow its education data analytics organization, which currently provides predictive analytics across school improvement, digital learning and student success, via its Clarity platform, Read more>>

The MindFuel STEM Store is an online catalog of blended-learning resources, including lesson plans and project-based activities, experiments and design challenges, and entrepreneurial and innovation skills development course material. It covers topics such as body systems, chemistry, earth sciences, energy, ecosystems and more. Read more>>

EMS LINQ INC’s new Education Resource Management integrates school district technologies into one system with single-sign-on access to unify school districts’ school accounting, e-commerce, nutrition management, school website development, real-time notifications, student registration and data analytics . Read more>>

News From DA's FETC

Applying concepts founded in technology to support language acquisition for English learners helps to integrate the technological part of STEM in the classroom, says Lori Menning, a consultant for Cooperative Educational Service Agency 6. Her presentation at FETC in Orlando, Fla., connected technologies with best practices developed through research and classroom experiences. Read more>>