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More teachers in grades 4-6 and new funding for school security are among the financial needs for Alabama public schools, State Superintendent Eric Mackey told lawmakers. The budget request also includes more state funding to teach students who are learning English as a second language, and more for school nurses and transportation. Read more>>

Michigan is currently under a state of emergency due to dangerously low wind chills, which have led many districts to cancel school this week. If those closures lead schools to exceed the state’s six-day cancellation limit, districts can submit an additional forgiven time waiver. Read more>>

The News Service of Florida via Fox 35
A House panel next week will take up a proposal that would ask voters to place eight-year term limits on county school board members. If approved by Florida lawmakers during the spring session, the measure would go on the 2020 ballot because it is a proposed constitutional amendment. Read more>>

New Hampshire Public Radio
Lawmakers heard testimony on a bill to overhaul the state’s current school discipline law. It would limit the length of out-of-school suspensions for theft, destruction, violence or possessing a firearm to 10 consecutive days. If students were suspended for longer, their school would be required to provide them with an assessment and services. Read more>>

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Last year, the General Assembly amended a law that has long required drivers in oncoming lanes to stop when they encounter a school bus loading or unloading children. Words added to that law were ambiguous enough to produce contrary interpretations. A new Senate bill will require oncoming vehicles to stop unless there’s a physical barrier dividing the roadway. Read more>>

Bangor Daily News
A two-division format for eight-player football involving 10 schools that would begin play next fall gained the approval of the Maine Principals’ Association football committee. Given the relatively small number of schools that have opted for eight-man play, that class initially will crown a single state champion. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Huffington Post
In many states, both Republicans and Democrats agree that schools need more money and teachers need better pay. But while most states are likely to put more money into schools this year, political divisions, budget constraints and competing visions for how to fix the education system could lead to some tense debates. Read more>>

Science Daily
Exposure to air pollution, particularly at school, could be associated with a higher risk of overweight and obesity during childhood, according to a new study by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health. Read more>>

Industry News

Edgenuity customers in eight states will have access to’s interactive online courses, which are designed to teach students relevant local driving laws, pass their permit exams and get onto the road with confidence. Read more>>

Verso Learning
In its latest update, Verso has added Exit Tickets, a new feature designed to collect student-to-teacher feedback at the end of a lesson to enable formative assessment. Another update includes an improved teacher dashboard that enables teachers, coaches and mentors to share insights with and feedback for other teachers. Read more>>

Hanson Robotics Limited
Designed for kids ages 7-13, Little Sophia is a tutorial companion that teaches STEM, coding and artificial intelligence. It also interfaces with Raspberry Pi, allowing kids to learn electronics and robotics. Read more>>

People Watch

The Chronicle-Telegram
Ann Schloss, currently Elyria’s associate superintendent, is stepping into the leadership role after the Ohio district’s board members voted to reassign positions. Superintendent Tom Jama will step down as superintendent due to medical reasons and assume the title of assistant superintendent pending his retirement. Read more>>

Gwinnett Daily Post
The Georgia district’s board of education members named Robert Downs, who currently serves as assistant superintendent of Cobb County Schools, as the sole finalist. He replaces former Buford Superintendent Geye Hamby, who resigned in August. Read more>>