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New Washington legislation focuses on suicide prevention, school resource officer training and mental health. Legislators also hope to open regional safety centers to provide training, support and coordination to teachers and students. Read more>>

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Actionable data can help educators make the connections that get students on grade level. See how district leaders leveraged insights from i-Ready to improve their schools and help their students. Read more>>

Post News Group
Oakland teachers and their supporters are pushing for decreased class sizes, a 12 percent pay increase for educators, the hiring of more counselors and more. A vote to strike has been scheduled from Jan. 29 – Feb. 1 for all Oakland Education Association union members. Read more>>

New York Post
High school graduation rates rose 2 percent last year, with nearly 76 percent of students getting degrees. It’s the first time in the history of the city schools that more than three-quarters of high schoolers completed their studies. Dropout rates have also fallen to a record low of 7.5 percent. Read more>>

South Florida Sun Sentinel
Gov. Ron DeSantis is considering suspending Broward School Board members over the Parkland shooting. Although he does not think he has the authority to suspend the appointed superintendent, DeSantis is exploring whether he could take action with regard to members of the school board. Read more>>

The current fight is over a proposed $20 million cut to public education in the governor’s recently proposed supplemental budgets for this year’s spending. These bills usually cover appropriations lawmakers didn’t anticipate when drafting spending plans last session for the current fiscal year. Read more>>

The Oregonian
Amid intense backlash from students and community members, the Oregon district’s school board voted to pull back a contract it approved in December with city police to deploy nine full-time officers at its high schools. Board members now say the financial liability should rest with the city, not the school district. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Washington Post
By 2017, public school teachers’ earnings topped the average in just Rhode Island. Since the early 1990s, public school teacher and staff earnings fell relative to the average worker in 42 states. The biggest relative drop came in Wisconsin, where pay is now only 90 percent of the workers’ pay average statewide. Read more>>

The Conversation
When school officials suspend students, the idea is to maintain a safe environment and deter violence and other problematic behavior on the school campus. But suspensions might be having the opposite effect if students use school suspensions strategically to earn respect and build a reputation for being tough. Read more>>

Industry News

Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric and Vista USD have completed five phases of projects to modernize lighting, HVAC equipment and thermostat systems. The California district is expected to generate $785,000 in savings by the end of 2019. Schneider Electric is also working with students on STEM education. Read more>>

Oconee County Schools in Georgia has chosen to expand its partnership with itslearning. The district piloted the learning management system with 80 teachers and ultimately chose to roll out the system districtwide. Read more>>

Stayhealthy, Inc.
Color Quest: An ARt Adventure is a smartphone app developed to make health and nutrition fun to experience and explore. Once colored in, characters of fruits, vegetables and bodily organs are then activated using augmented reality technology. Read more>>

Construction Watch

The Senate Finance Committee has killed legislation calling for a statewide referendum on school improvements. The bill would have authorized a referendum in November, asking Virginia voters if they support a $3 billion bond issue for school construction and repairs. Read more>>

The News & Observer
North Carolina Senate Republicans are putting up a pay-as-you-go plan for school construction as an alternative to another proposed $1.9 billion bond. The method would use money from the new State Capital Infrastructure Fund, which is set to receive 4 percent of state tax revenue and other money, for repairs and renovations. Read more>>