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Matt Zalaznick
Some may grumble that encouraging activism indoctrinates students with certain political beliefs, but experts say civic engagement teaches key skills. Read more>>

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Explore how a district integrated attendance, behavior and achievement data to identify unmet student needs, raise achievement and intervene more effectively from elementary through high school. Read more>>

Nancy Mann Jackson
School districts have been overwhelmed with the array of ed tech. For many K-12 leaders, the answer has been to hire instructional technology coaches to guide classroom implementation. Read more>>

Michael S. Kuhrt, DA guest columnist
A successful plan factors in students’ physical, mental, emotional and social health, says DA guest columnist Michael S. Kuhrt, superintendent of Wichita Falls ISD in Texas. Read more>>

Top News

Dayton Daily News
With the Ohio House rejecting the Senate's voucher version, a committee will need to iron out the differences between the two chambers by Friday. Another possibility is the application window will open Saturday with students from new schools eligible for taxpayer-paid vouchers. Read more>>

Associated Press via KTAR
The Arizona Department of Education inadvertently released personal information about families that get a state-funded voucher to pay for private education. Agency officials thought they had blacked out personal information but the redacted data could be uncovered. Read more>>

State delegates narrowly voted down a bill that would have kept West Virginia’s school year between Sept. 1 and June 7. Right now, counties have leeway with school calendars, with many starting in mid-August. Read more>>

Chalkbeat Colorado
Under the bill, a work group will examine barriers to hiring and retaining teachers of color. The bill also requires the Colorado Department of Higher Education to report how graduates do on licensure exams as well as break down the race, ethnicity and gender data. Read more>>

Quad-City Times
Iowa's School Budget Review Committee voted to forgive more than $9 million of the Davenport Community School District’s debt, which was incurred after intentional overspending and failing to meet corrective action plans in subsequent years. Read more>>

West Virginia and local education officials are continuing to address the problem of chronic student absenteeism. The ongoing state effort includes sharing strategies that have worked in various counties, as well as online resources. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

One Michigan district is trying an experimental program where students attend school from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. The district wanted to make better use of its building during off-hours. And the school board wanted to find out how a mobile workflow could supplant a "normal" school day. Read more>>

The New York Times
The fairness debate in school funding has to start with clear data, but it turns out that data can be very hard to find. Part of the difficulty in tackling in-district disparities is that parents, local advocates and school board members are often in the dark about how spending breaks down across their local schools. Read more>>

Industry News

Mitel Revolution is a mass notification solution with multimodal communications, including mobile phones, desktop PCs and desk phones, paging systems, SMS text, email, and more. The platform integrates with external early-warning systems and support for event triggers, sensors and controls. Read more>>

National PTA/Life360
National PTA has teamed up with Life360 to promote family safety in the digital age through its PTA Connected initiative. The Modern Parenting Go-Guide features discussion starters and offers best practices for healthy family connectivity. Read more>>

Construction Watch

The Associated Press via The Cordova Times
The Alaska Legislature failed to override more than $70 million in vetoes dealing with school construction projects and the state ferry system. Lawmakers attempted to override vetoes of funds for school debt reimbursement to municipalities and a construction fund for rural schools. Read more>>

The News Tribune
The Washington school district has put two propositions on the February ballot that would cover operational funds and construction costs. One part is a $205 million bond measure to tear down and rebuild a high school. Read more>>