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Tampa Bay Times
A bill that would allow school districts to teach Florida students alternatives to concepts deemed “controversial theories”—such as human-caused climate change and evolution—has been filed in the state Legislature. The bill’s sponsor said that schools need to teach “different worldviews” on issues. Read more>>

NBC Connecticut
Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow high school seniors to graduate before the end of the school year in certain circumstances. Graduation dates would be unaffected by things like snow days, even if it means seniors don’t complete the 180 day school year requirements. It should also cut down on the cost of graduation. Read more>>

Alaska Public Media
Earthquake relief would gain funding and public education would lose funding in updated budget requests Gov. Mike Dunleavy submitted to the Legislature. One supplemental budget request includes $37 million in state spending for the earthquake response. Another $102 million will come from the federal government. Read more>>

Oregon Public Broadcasting
Portland Police Bureau officials have told leaders at city school districts that if they want to maintain campus officers, they’ll have to use school dollars to help pay for them. School leaders in Portland Public Schools and the Parkrose school district are objecting to both the cost and timing of the city’s push for districts to take on costs. Read more>>

The CT Mirror
Two proposals that focus on school district regionalization have ignited a storm of protest in some communities. One bill under consideration would force municipalities with populations fewer than 40,000 to consolidate with another district. Read more>>

Many school districts across Pennsylvania say that budget stress is causing them to raise property taxes and cut school programs, according to a new annual survey. The report targets the rise of mandated expenses such as pension obligations, special education costs and charter school payments as key drivers of budget woes. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Hechinger Report
Nationwide, studies show that early childhood mental health consultations can help curb suspension and expulsion rates in preschools. It’s help teachers need. California’s new legislation will increase the amount of money a preschool or child care center receives if that center provides these services. Read more>>

Nearly 8 million teenagers played for their high school teams during the 2017-18 academic year. For many of these kids, their coaches reached them in ways their teachers couldn’t. What they learned on the soccer field or basketball court has stuck in a way that a history lecture did not. Much of this disparity has to do with the adolescent brain. Read more>>

As more schools adopt learning goals beyond reading, writing and math, certain questions are vexing school leaders worldwide: How can we measure growth in creative thinking? How can we spot a “self-aware” team member? How can we measure whether our graduating high school seniors have the habits necessary to succeed at college and throughout adult life? Read more>>

Industry News

InFocus Corporation
The IN1100 Series and INL3100 Series feature a solid-state mercury-free design with virtually no color decay for images and a 30,000-hour light source. The IN1100 Series can wirelessly share users’ content using the PC-less on-board document viewer with QuadView via an included wireless adapter, as well as enjoy AirPlay and MiraCast support. Read more>>

Open Up Resources
Open Up Resources introduced the second edition of the Open Up Resources 6–8 Math curriculum. These enhancements make it a full-course OER math curriculum that is formally translated into Spanish and standards-aligned. Read more>>

Boxlight Corporation
The partnerships with Critical Links and Modern Robotics, Inc., respectively, will transform connectivity, empower teachers and inspire STEM learning for students. Partnerships will see the launch of Mimio MicroCloud to improve and extend classroom connectivity, and MyBot education platform to expand STEM offerings. Read more>>