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The US Department of Agriculture’s child nutrition programs are fully funded through the end of March. Yet with the shutdown at 34 days and counting, some schools and families are worried about what could happen to school meal programs if it continues. Read more>>

The Detroit News
Michigan ranks last among all states in revenue growth for K12 schools since voters approved property tax and finance Proposal A in 1994, according to a new report by researchers at Michigan State University. After adjusting for inflation, tax revenue generated for the state’s K12 system in 2015 was roughly 85 percent the amount in 1995. Read more>>

NJ Advance Media for
One state legislator, who is also a high school football coach, is calling for mandatory sensitivity training for every high school coach and athletic director in New Jersey. The training would focus on gender and sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, disabilities, religious tolerance, unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion. Read more>>

A lawmaker in Tennessee is drafting legislation that would instruct schools to come up with a baseline code of conduct for anyone who comes onto campus. It would include students, teachers, parents, vendors, speakers and others. Read more>>

Associated Press via CBS Denver
The Colorado Department of Education reports that public schools in the state recorded their smallest increase in student numbers in nearly 30 years this school year. The increase from the 2017-18 school year was only 0.1 percent. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Blue & Gray Press
Journalists are not strangers to censorship, especially when it comes to student journalism. Students are often subjected to it when their stories are unflattering towards school administration or address controversial topics. But a new bill being proposed to the Virginia General Assembly could change everything for student journalists. protecting them from censorship. Read more>>

The Munster Times
Too many citizens aren’t in tune with the most basic knowledge of U.S. government, citizenship and the Constitution. Even more inadequate is the knowledge and interest of schoolchildren and young adults in U.S. and world history. A pending Indiana bill would require students to pass the U.S. citizenship test already administered to immigrants who seek to become Americans. Read more>>

Tulsa World
One Oklahoma legislator has taken the wrong lesson from last year’s statewide teacher strike by proposing to make similar strikes illegal. So, regardless of how schools are funded, teachers would be required to report to work every day or risk losing their professional credentials. In a perfect world, teachers would never strike. Read more>>

Industry News

SENG/Renzulli Learning
Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) and Renzulli Learning have teamed up to put their resources for social, emotional and academic support in homes and classrooms for the gifted, talented and twice-exceptional students. Updated benefits include a private online community, free SENGinar recordings by experts, discounts on workshops and conferences, and access to the Renzulli Learning Home Edition software. Read more>>

Cheddar/Discovery Education
The Cheddar post cable networks company and Discovery Education launched CheddarK-12, a collaboration delivering technology and business news to classrooms. Cheddar’s current events content will be integrated into Discovery Education’s Techbook Series, including a weekly compilation of briefings broadcast from the New York Stock Exchange floor. Read more>>

Boxlight Corporation
Developed by Boxlight’s professional services division, EOS Education, certifications are available at three different levels: educator, expert and trainer. These certification courses focus on the tools, processes and practices that educators need most to use MimioStudio to create and deliver collaborative lessons. Read more>>

People Watch

The Herald-News
Neuqua Valley High School Principal Robert McBride Jr. will soon take over Todd Wernet’s role as Lockport District 205 superintendent. McBride will begin his new position as superintendent of schools in July after Wernet retires. Read more>>

Currently the superintendent of York Public Schools, Mike Lucas will become Westside Schools’ superintendent in July. He succeeds retiring Superintendent Blane McCann. Read more>>

Kearney Hub
The Gothenburg Board of Education has chosen Todd Rhodes as the next superintendent of Gothenburg Public Schools in Nebraska. He replaces Superintendent Michael Teahon. Read more>>