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The teachers union in Denver has voted to approve a strike that could begin as soon as Jan. 28. It would be the first time the city has seen a teacher strike in almost 25 years. The Denver Classroom Teachers Association finished voting after more than a year of negotiations between the union and the district. Read more>>

Springfield News-Leader
A new Missouri lawmaker wants to drop the state’s mandatory school age by two years. The state House bill would require parents to enroll children by age 5. Currently, the rule is age 7. Read more>>

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Atlanta school board will devote a full day to fleshing out a districtwide plan to improve schools, an ambitious goal that starts with rating all of its schools. The rating system would be unique to Atlanta and include data that isn’t reflected in the state’s report card. Read more>>

Teachers overwhelmingly approved a new contract and planned to return to the classroom after a six-day strike over funding and staffing in the nation’s second-largest school district. Preliminary figures showed that a “vast supermajority” of some 30,000 educators voted in favor of the tentative deal. Read more>>

Parents of children with disabilities filed a class action lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Education, accusing the state of denying their children the opportunity to attend school for a full day. According to the lawsuit, some Oregon public schools are shortening the school day for children whose disabilities lead to challenging classroom behaviors. Read more>>

The Advocate
The state is launching a three-year plan aimed at improving oversight and expertise in the troubled Louisiana School for the Deaf and others in the Special School District, which oversees the schools. The initial goal is to revamp the district and improve its staff so that high-qualify services can be delivered to students. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Hill
One way to address the teacher shortage crisis is to create policies and systems to support teacher recruitment and retention. Some are addressing it through increasing teacher pay to be on par with other highly desirable professions. Others are coordinating national investments to target in-need geographic areas or subject matter areas. Read more>>

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Yes, the realism of surprise during training events makes them more effective, but terrorizing children during a lockdown drill can sometimes do more harm than good. It only makes sense to notify parents and give them the option of discussing the events with their children. Read more>>

Industry News

Carnegie Learning, Inc.
The Virginia Board of Education recommended Mirrors and Windows from Carnegie Learning’s EMC School for the 2019 language arts state adoption for grades 6-12. It will give middle and high school educators statewide the opportunity to review the program for implementation starting in the 2019-20 school year. Read more>>

Casio America, Inc.
Casio announced its new Superior Series of Lampfree projectors. The series is geared for classrooms and conference rooms, and offers high brightness, low maintenance and flexibility. The new suite of education solutions includes features designed to reduce set-up time in the classroom. Read more>>

McGraw-Hill Education/Illustrative Mathematics
McGraw-Hill Education will offer an exclusive IM Certified customized version of Illustrative Mathematics’ grades 6-12 curriculum on McGraw-Hill’s digital learning platform. It adds interactive tutorials, assessment tools, a customized version of professional learning for teachers and print materials. Read more>>

Construction Watch

Casper Star Tribune
Under the proposal, the state’s 48 individual school districts would shoulder the responsibility of building new schools as state leaders continue to search for a way to fill the funding gap left by the loss of coal lease bonuses. Read more>>

State House News Service via The Salem News
State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg previewed a second term in which she plans to seek new revenue sources and funding flexibility for school construction projects in Massachusetts. In next year’s state budget, leaders have already set aside $917 million in sales tax revenues for the school building authority, but it appears Goldberg is looking for a larger appropriation. Read more>>