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Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles teachers are poised to end their strike after union leaders and LAUSD reached a tentative deal. It includes what amounts to a 6 percent raise for teachers, a reduction of class sizes over four years and the creation of 30 community schools. Read more>>

The Sun Times
The House Education Committee voted to pass a bill that would provide more than $1.6 billion in state funding to Montana schools over the next two years—including money to keep up with inflation, an increase of $68 million. The committee’s approval is just the first step in what is expected to be a four-month legislative process. Read more>>
The Alabama State Department of Education posted the new list of schools declared “failing” under the Alabama Accountability Act. This year, there are 76 schools in 27 school districts on the list as compared to 75 schools in 29 districts last year. Inside this year’s “failing” schools are 38,420 students, with 92 percent being black. Only 461 white students and 1,661 Hispanic students attend schools on the list. Read more>>

School systems must provide help for students in need of mental-health services. But Washington County school officials believe a new education measure goes too far, requiring school districts to ensure services that they normally don’t provide, including child care, housing referrals, crisis intervention, substance-abuse prevention and treatment, and legal aid. Read more>>

Top Texas lawmakers this year are proposing allocating billions of more dollars for public schools, but a portion of those dollars will likely have strings attached. And some education advocates worry the strings will lead to an even greater emphasis being placed on standardized tests in the state. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Herald-Dispatch
The House of Delegates began considering a proposal offered by Gov. Jim Justice. It would provide a one-time $2,000 bonus to teachers who complete specialized math courses to be offered by the Department of Education and who spend at least 60 percent of their time teaching math classes. If the pilot program is successful, it could be expanded to other subjects in which teachers are in short supply, the governor said. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report
Policymakers could solve two of our most challenging issues in education with a single approach. Higher base salaries and well-planned monetary incentives would address both the financial burden of being a teacher and the inequities that permeate our education system by attracting and retaining excellent teachers. Read more>>

Children with ADHD often struggle academically, socially and emotionally. They may be disorganized, forgetful, easily distracted and impulsive. Dr. Sharon Saline, a psychotherapist, argues that informed empathy focused on self-control, compassion, collaboration, consistency and celebration can be a roadmap for reducing stress and equipping children with the skills they need to thrive. Read more>>

Industry News

Boxlight Corporation
Boxlight NDMS (Network Device Management System) gives IT network administrators centralized control of their Boxlight and Mimio interactive displays. Embedded live web pages and integration with Google’s G Suite for Education are being introduced in MimioStudio 12. MimioInteract, a collection of collaborative activities designed for the Boxlight ProColor 490 Touch Table, will also be launched. Read more>>

itslearning has created an easier workflow between G Suite and the itslearning learning management system, simplifying the itslearning experience with Google Drive, G Suite and Chromebooks. This latest update includes a single sign-on, seamless editing in Google documents and more. Read more>>

DreamBox Learning
DreamBox Learning signed a five-year agreement with the Austin ISD to deliver its online K8 math platform to the 83 elementary and 18 middle schools in the Texas district. For teachers, DreamBox provides ways to personalize lessons, monitor student growth and receive job-embedded professional development. Read more>>