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Ray Bendici
A music immersion program has helped to close achievement gaps and improve learning outcomes by teaching students music every day. Read more>>

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Matt Zalaznick
Not all time is created equal, says Daniel Pink, FETC keynote speaker and bestselling author, who writes about more effective approaches to learning, creativity, work and business. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik
Attendees got their hands dirty with high-tech and low-tech creations offered by a Kennesaw State service, iTeach, for teachers and students. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick
Administrators know attendance is one of the keys to student success in school, but in some districts, incentive programs for students and families aren't moving the needle. Read more>>

Carol Patton, DA HR columnist
Understanding the reasons can help leaders boost recruitment and retention, says Carol Patton, DA HR columnist. Read more>>

Top News

The scholarship fund would help students who graduate high school before their senior year. The award would be either $3,000 or the statewide per-pupil funding average, whichever one is greater. Read more>>

Gotham Gazette
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 2021 education aid is expected to be $28.5 billion, an increase of $826 million that is well below the state Board of Regent’s $2 billion request. The governor proposed sending about 85 percent of the increase to the poorest schools. Read more>>

MTN Sports
The Montana High School Association's board passed proposals to add girls wrestling and boys powerlifting as sanctioned sports. They will be offered to member schools beginning with the 2020-21 school year. Read more>>

Lawmakers in New Hampshire are considering a bill that would prohibit transgender girls from playing on girls sports teams. The bill’s sponsor says men have a physical advantage over women when it comes to sports. Read more>>

The Gazette
Children’s Hospital Colorado has begun an initiative to build "resiliency" among children through coaching in two Colorado Springs schools. The coaches will address adult-child relationships, self-sufficiency and control, adaptive skills, and more. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Hechinger Report
Researchers are scrutinizing students' physical environment, especially the air quality and temperature in classrooms. A growing body of research is making a persuasive case that both air pollution and heat harm student achievement. Read more>>

The U.S. Department of Education is seeking comments on a new study of over $30 billion in federal education spending. If the study is done well, it could provide valuable information about the Department’s investment in K-12 education. Read more>>

Industry News

The Edison Series of double-sided, mobile whiteboards fosters collaboration, planning and brainstorming. The boards, which come in several dimensions, are also designed to nest when multiple units are stored. Read more>>

The new cyber-robotics curriculum for students in grades five through eight uses advanced gaming simulations to teach STEM through robotics and computer science. Read more>>