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Tallahassee Democrat
A bill introduced would require public schools to filter drinking water at the source on campuses built before 1986. The filters would have to remove lead. The bill extends beyond water fountains to sinks used in the kitchen for food preparation or cooking. Read more>>

The State
As part of a major State House effort to overhaul the South Carolina’s K12 education system, legislators once again are debating whether to force school districts with shrinking student enrollment to either consolidate or merge more of their services with other districts. Read more>>

Richmond Times-Dispatch
One state legislator is proposing that every public school in Virginia give parents at least 24 hours’ notice before deploying the lockdown drill training. The time would give parents the ability to have a discussion with their children about lockdowns if they want to. Read more>>

Deseret News
What if the state of Utah—instead of Utah families—picked up the cost of curricular fees charged to parents of public school students in grades 7-12? One state legislator is working on a bill that would cover the costs of textbooks, lockers, registration and general fees through the weighted pupil unit, or WPU, a basic funding unit for public education in Utah. Read more>>

The Denver Post
The Denver Classroom Teachers Association will resume its strike vote this week. But teachers aren’t the only ones who may decide to strike. School nurses are also covered by the teachers contract. If teachers vote to strike, the nurses may strike as well. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

Las Vegas Review-Journal
although credit recovery may allow kids to “recover” credits needed to graduate, it often delivers little in terms of actual learning. If a high school diploma is to be more than a “certificate of attendance,” state and local officials must take responsibility for how schools award credit. Until then, Nevada’s record-setting graduation rate deserves the scrutiny it has thus far received. Read more>>

Amid a nationwide teacher shortage and teacher walkouts and strikes happening more often, more than 500 districts across 25 states have found a new way to retain teachers and boost morale: a four-day school week. Read more>>

Industry News

Urban Alliance
Urban Alliance, a national youth workforce development organization, was awarded a three-year grant by News Corp to fund workforce readiness training and paid professional internships for economically-disadvantaged high school youth in southeast Washington, D.C. Read more>>

First Student, Inc.
The Easton-Redding-Region 9 School Districts have selected First Student to operate, maintain and manage all student transportation services for the next five years. The company will replace the district’s entire fleet. All 46 buses will be equipped with the latest technology, including GPS tracking systems, digital cameras and three-point seat belts. Read more>>

EarthEcho International/Northrop Grumman Foundation
EarthEcho International announced its newest, complementary suite of classroom tools with materials to help identify and tackle the plastics pollution plaguing our oceans. Sponsored by the Northrup Grumman Foundation, the tools are now available and kicking off with a virtual field trip. Read more>>

People Watch

Greenwich Free Press
Currently superintendent of Fairfield Public Schools, Toni Jones will become superintendent of the Greenwich district in July. She replaces Ralph Mayo, interim superintendent and the longtime principal of Eastern Middle School. Read more>>

The Citizens' Voice
Crestwood School Board ended ties with Superintendent Joseph Gorham and designated Joseph Rasmus as the next superintendent. Rasmus came to the Pennsylvania district as assistant superintendent in charge of special education and curriculum in 2016. Read more>>

Idaho Ed News
Chad Williams, the superintendent of the Ririe School District, has been picked by Shelley school board trustees as their new superintendent. He replaces Superintendent Bryan Jolley, who is retiring after leading the Idaho district since 2004. Read more>>