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Ray Bendici
“Mr. Fascinate” channeled his “inner nerd” to encourage embracing tools and approaches that connect with Gen Z students. Read more>>

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California’s largest elementary school district shares key considerations for going 1-to-1, including how to ensure equitable access despite disparities in internet access. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn
Meet the winner of the multiround, two-day Pitchfest event at FETC 2020 that saw over 20 ed tech startups compete for a complimentary exhibit space at FETC 2021, a media advertising package in DA, and a special pitching session in the VIP lounge. Read more>>

Ray Bendici
The FETC Information Technology track featured a wealth of ed tech experts, practical experiences, best practices and quality solutions. Read more>>

Jennifer Herseim
San Antonio ISD Chief Information Technology Officer and FETC featured presenter Kenneth J. Thompson is shoring up infrastructure and utilizing cloud storage, but shifting culture is job No. 1. Read more>>

Top News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has proposed new rules for school meals aimed at giving administrators more flexibility in what they serve in school cafeterias around the country each day. Read more>>

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Federation of Teachers leaders are filing a lawsuit against the Philadelphia School District, accusing it of failing to protect roughly 125,000 students and 18,000 staff members from asbestos hazards in aging buildings. Read more>>

The bill would not dictate which curriculum schools would use, but it would have to be comprehensive and focus on what consent looks like for all students. Read more>>

Dayton Daily News
Ohio’s private-school voucher system changed significantly in the past two years, and because of strong backlash, it’s very likely to change again in the next two weeks. But the details of that change remain a subject of hot debate in the state legislature and Ohio schools. Read more>>

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
More than 100 years ago, Montana and many states erected legal walls against spending public money on private religious schools, but today school choice activists are seeking to bring down those barriers using a case from Montana. Read more>>

Colorado Public Radio
Teens who undergo school shooting training and lockdown drills feel more prepared—and less safe in school—says a new study published in the Journal of School Violence. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

A wave of new laws means millions of students have new protections against discrimination if they wear their hair in different styles. And while most are too new to have made an impact yet, advocates hope they will prompt more changes to school dress codes and discipline policies. Read more>>

The Conversation
Public schools were originally envisioned in the 19th century as "common schools" where rich and poor kids could be educated together. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted the same thing—but it's not happening. Read more>>

Industry News

Schools using K12 Inc.'s portfolio of learning solutions will now also have access to CyberActive's online driver education courses. The courses will launch through a K12-branded platform in Florida and Illinois, with plans to expand into additional states later this year. Read more>>

The digital learning technology being acquired from Smart Sparrow will enhance Pearson's current adaptive learning capabilities and help accelerate the roll-out of Pearson's Global Learning Platform. Read more>>

People Watch

Marcus Boudreaux, Biloxi High School’s principal, will be the Biloxi Public School District's new superintendent. He replaces Arthur McMillan, who is retiring after eight years with the Mississippi district. Read more>>

The Center Square
Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education members took their oaths of office and prepared to take on their first big job: Finding a new education superintendent. John White plans to step down in March. Read more>>