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The Denver Post
Denver teachers union members embodied the civics lessons some teach, exercising their right to vote Saturday for or against a strike after the union rejected Denver Public Schools’ late Friday night pay structure proposal. Read more>>

Soaring special education costs are squeezing the budgets of Minnesota schools — and quickly becoming school districts’ top priority for the new legislative session. Read more>>

Some high-poverty school districts are bracing for the fact that federally funded lunch programs could become a casualty of the government shutdown if it drags on for another month. Read more>>

Trent Young says he was stunned on a Friday afternoon when the director of the school for which he worked, Utah Career Path High School, asked he and other teachers to hang up a bunch of glossy posters advertising the school. Read more>>

The Detroit News
A former Canton High School student is suing the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools in court, alleging district officials failed to stop bullying by her ex-boyfriend that caused her to try to kill herself. Read more>>

The Baltimore Sun
High school students in the Maryland district will soon be able to get free condoms at their school nurse’s office in a program officials say is aimed at reducing the spread of chlamydia, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted infections. Read more>>

Associated Press via StarTribune
A software error caused public school students around North Carolina to receive incorrect end-of-term grades this school year. The software incorrectly rounded class grades up or down. Read more>>

The Washington Post
The fire that devastated Paradise has left all but two of it’s small school system’s buildings shuttered. Almost half of the town’s 3,400 students have left. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Wall Street Journal
The ongoing teachers’ strike roiling this city is highlighting renewed support for teachers unions and traditional public schools within the Democratic Party, eclipsing a push by some party members to embrace charter schools and other education options. Read more>>

The Los Angeles teachers’ strike has now been going on for five days. Teachers have been pointing out that California spends less per student on public schools than many other states. Read more>>

The Seattle Times
The competition gap is widening in high-school athletics, but the problem is bigger than high-school sports. Washington’s interscholastic athletic association believes it has found a socioeconomic factor that can help level the playing field. Read more>>

The New York Times
Los Angeles hasn’t seen a teachers strike in 30 years, and the risks are huge. But nearly 100 percent of the union members voted to strike because they believe it is necessary if public education is going to be restored to its rightful status as one of the Golden State’s great attractions. Read more>>

Industry News

Mackin Educational Resources has been selected as provider for all print and digital books, audiobooks, videos and other resources for Fairfax County school libraries and professional library collections. Read more>>

Follett Corporation
Follett has unveiled Follett Genre Solutions to help simplify genrefication for librarians and media specialists seeking to make the transition from the Dewey Decimal System to a more bookstore-like layout based on genres. Read more>>