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Matt Zalaznick
Traditional school schedules fail to take advantage of the natural, daily cycle of a student's cognitive abilities, which are analytical earlier in the day, fall into a trough around noon, and become more creative later. Read more>>

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Matthew X. Joseph, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker
If school leaders spend all of their time in the office, how will they know what staff, students and families need? DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Matthew X. Joseph addresses strategies for boosting school leader availability, approachability and visibility. Read more>>

DA staff
Interested in academic esports? Access this free guidebook to learn more. Download now>>

Top News

A tripartisan group of senators has pitched a first-in-the-nation plan to offer universal school meals. The bill would mandate that every Vermont public school provide every student free breakfast and lunch at no charge to families. Read more>>

Missouri is now one of five states where lawmakers are debating whether to ban transgender athletes from some school sports. If the proposal becomes law, student-athletes could only compete based on the gender of their birth certificate. Read more>>

Gov. Eric Holcomb proposed a new plan to free up state dollars for teacher pay in 2021 in his State of the State address. The plan would use one-time dollars to pay down part of a teacher pension fund. Read more>>

The Daily Gazette
New York high school graduates could earn a seal of civic readiness on their diploma under proposals presented to the Board of Regents. Students would demonstrate social studies knowledge and civic participation through a capstone project, volunteer work and other activities. Read more>>

Indianapolis Star
It was a dramatic turn for the schools. All three had been taken over by the state nearly eight years ago for poor academic performance and had struggled to make the kind of gains state officials had hoped to see, though scores had improved lately. Read more>>

Chalkbeat Chicago
Police assigned to Chicago schools will have access to some student data, but they will not be allowed to intervene in school discipline, according to an agreement outlining school policing. Details are publicly available for the first time in a new $33 million contract. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

School administrators and policymakers should think much harder about how time is used in schools and wasted in schools. If we want the best out of children and teachers, we have to take their time seriously. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report
How often do politicians and parents talk about education being the great equalizer? Yet we continue to have lopsided budgets that favor wealthier districts. It’s impossible for education to be an equalizer if budgets don’t meet every kid’s needs. Read more>>

Industry News

Airtame launched Airtame Cloud, a new software-as-a-service product designed to make screens smarter. The open platform offers device management and access to a range of digital signage solutions. Read more>>

By integrating CirQlive’s seamless video integration technology into Sibme’s online teacher coaching and training platform, teacher observations and engagements can now happen live, in real time. Read more>>

Construction Watch

The legislation would help provide assistance as districts strapped for cash pursue grants and finance opportunities for new construction. The proposal suggests using the state's Literary Fund to provide low-interest education loans from unclaimed property and lottery funds. Read more>>

Gov. Larry Hogan's $47.9 billion spending plan includes a school construction funding plan, the $3.9 billion Building Opportunities Act. Read more>>