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Matt Zalaznick
Education experts are reimagining the PLC concept to move beyond the school building and into the globally connected world of social media and other interactive online platforms. Read more>>

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Join us for this collaborative and interactive event connecting educators and administrators with models that shift the boundaries of learning for all students. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn
DA compiles a campus groundbreaking roundup of three new schools in K-12. Read more>>

Matthew X. Joseph, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker
Teaching online safety strategies is key to ensuring that educators and students leave positive digital footprints, says DA guest columnist and featured FETC speaker Matthew X. Joseph. Read more>>

Top News

A legislator is working on major legislation to raise Idaho’s 6 percent sales tax to 7 percent, and to use the money to increase funding for schools—while phasing out school districts’ ability to pass local property tax overrides known as supplemental levies. Read more>>

The state Board of Education is now mandating that students take a personal finance course in order to graduate from high school. To make room for the new course, students now only have to take one class on American history instead of two. Read more>>

The New York Times
It began as one of the nation’s broadest proposed bans on religious exemptions to childhood vaccines. But after weeks of protests and a last-minute effort to amend the bill to win lawmakers' support, the effort collapsed in the New Jersey State Senate. Read more>>

A Polk County school leader says more than 1,200 teachers in the county may be fired if they call out on Monday to attend the "Take on Tallahassee" rally. The Florida Department of Education is telling teachers that it constitutes an illegal strike. Read more>>

Associated Press via WCAX
Lawmakers are staying out of the debate over whether schools should start before or after Labor Day, for now. The Senate voted to table two bills that would have enacted a mandatory later start date and specified that districts have the authority to set their calendars. Read more>>

Chalkbeat Colorado
Far more Denver teachers returned to the classroom this fall than in previous years. The district originally projected teachers would get an average 11.7 percent raise this year, while the average raise for returning teachers was actually 15.7 percent. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Hechinger Report
Generic critical thinking skills don’t translate from one subject to another. However, that subject-specific critical thinking skills can be explicitly taught as you go deep into a lesson, be it history or math, as students need to learn a lot of information to process it. Read more>>

The New York Times
Hundreds of differences—some subtle, others extensive—emerged in a New York Times analysis of commonly used American history textbooks. In a country that cannot come to a consensus on fundamental questions, textbook publishers are caught in the middle. Read more>>

Industry News

Zayo Group Holdings, Inc.
Denver Public Schools, in partnership with Zayo Group Holdings, Inc., has completed implementation of a dark fiber private network. The network spans more than 600 route miles of fiber, which included more than 50 route miles of new build to reach 132 schools. Read more>>

GoGuardian has developed three new variations of its suicide and self-harm alert service, Beacon, including a no-cost version. Beacon identifies students’ online behaviors that could be indicative of suicide or self-harm so that school staff can get at-risk students the assistance they need. Read more>>

People Watch

The Kansas City Star
David Buck has led the Wright City school district since 2015. Lee's Summit named him as their new superintendent. Buck will fill a vacancy left when the Missouri district's former superintendent, Dennis Carpenter, resigned in July. Read more>>

After more than three decades of service to the Alabama district, Superintendent Robby Parker announced his retirement. During the past 31 years, he has gone from teacher and coach to principal, and eventually superintendent. Read more>>