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NBC News
Educators in the second-largest school district in the nation say they’re making a last stand against more than two generations of state defunding of public schools, understaffing of nurses and janitors and an onslaught of what they call the privatization of public education — charter schools. Read more>>

The Washington Post
On the shutdown’s 21st day, 200 federal workers who applied to become substitute teachers in the Northern Virginia school district came to a hiring event for furloughed workers. Read more>>

Dayton Daily News
The number of Ohio students who are eligible to pay for private schools with state-funded vouchers will almost double next school year because of a change in the Ohio voucher system, according to Ohio Department of Education data. Read more>>

Daily News
Chancellor Richard Carranza’s shakeup of services for more than 150,000 kids who are learning English in New York City public schools is running into trouble, concerned staffers charge. Read more>>

Sioux City Journal
As lawmakers return this week to Des Moines, the state’s school districts are banking on the Iowa Legislature to extend a sales tax they rely on to pay for building projects — and hope changes to the tax code don’t dampen other sources of K-12 funding. Read more>>
A Florida lawmaker is working to make bible study available in all public schools. Read more>>

Denver Post
Denver Public Schools Superintendent Susana Cordova said the district is offering approximately 10 percent raises to teachers this year, putting educators on a track to make as much as $100,000 annually. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis
We firmly support a pending bill in the Indiana Legislature to require all Indiana high school students to pass the U.S. citizenship test already administered to immigrants who seek to become Americans. Read more>>

The Robesonian
Things are quite bad in parts of rural North Carolina, where counties’ rather limited financial capacity — read, tax base — makes an ugly picture. Read more>>

In his inaugural address, Gov. Tim Walz was exactly right in stating that “disparities in our educational system based on geography, race or economic status hold back not only our students, but our entire state from reaching its full potential.” Read more>>

Idaho Press
Across the country, public charter school leaders struggle to finance facilities. More often than not these leaders scrimp and save their limited operational dollars and still end up in facilities that lack the amenities typical of district schools. Read more>>

Industry News

Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University’s free, online curriculum for high school students helps instructors teach programming skills using graphics and animations. Now being piloted in 40 schools, the Computer Science Academy’s CS1 will be available for general use this fall, free of charge. Read more>>

Cleburne ISD teachers will now have full access to Nearpod’s premium content—such as digital citizenship, engagement-boosting tools and virtual reality—as well as in-person training, support and professional development resources. Read more>>

News From DA's FETC

Cathy Cavanaugh, who will speak at FETC 2019 this January, recently discussed how the classroom-centered individual student use of technology is shifting toward a greater emphasis on organizations. Read more>>