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Top News
School district officials said they will make a new proposal to the teachers union Friday in an effort to avoid a planned strike Monday. The offer reportedly includes additional funding to reduce class sizes and provide more support for teachers. Read more>>

Arizona Republic
More than 100 of the state’s charters are in danger of closing because of excessive debt and other financial troubles, according to a report by the Grand Canyon Institute. Over 50 of the state’s 544 charter schools are expected to close in the near future. Read more>>

The partial federal shutdown may be ongoing, but federal support of school breakfast and lunch is available “well into March,” according to a new advisory from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Meantime, state agencies are expected to administer child nutrition programs in accordance with federal statute and regulation. Read more>>

New York City Council approved a measure to install GPS systems on school buses that will allow parents to use an app for tracking their children. Along with the installation of two-way radio devices and GPS systems on school buses, the city will now be mandated to report bus times, delays and complaints. Read more>>

VT Digger
Merger activity is on a brief hiatus for a group of Vermont school districts appealing forced consolidations ordered by the Agency of Education and the State Board of Education. The group includes 31 school districts and towns that filed a suit on Dec. 20 challenging the State Board of Education’s final reorganization of districts. Read more>>

Oregon Public Broadcasting
State auditors released a blistering review of Oregon’s education department and Portland Public Schools, its largest school district, recommending that legislators take a hard look at how administrators spend existing money as they consider significant new educational investments sought by Gov. Kate Brown. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

Part of the impetus behind modern education reform is the idea that more of the education system should be operated by businesses. But one aspect is rarely discussed. Modern business is multinational, so we need to ask ourselves how much control of our educational system we want to send outside of U.S. borders. Read more>>

Students addicted to drugs or alcohol in high school, then heading to college, create an environment where the mental health, safety and security of the entire student body is at risk. We can address the addiction crisis earlier; recovery literacy could provide that desperately needed foundation of change. Read more>>

The Journal & Courier
The House Education Committee’s said that public schools should spend 85 percent of its funding in the classroom. But unless more revenue is provided, there will be less money to provide custodial, maintenance, secretarial, health and other supports services. Teachers will be doing more than just educating their students if this happens. Read more>>

Industry News

Catapult Learning/Center on Teaching and Learning
Catapult Learning and the Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL) are establishing the Institute for Scaling Evidence-Based Education. The partnership, which initially calls for Catapult Learning to provide professional development for CTL’s Enhanced Core Reading Instruction program, plans to cover CTL’s full suite of programs and services. Read more>>

Learning Resources
Learning Resources’ newest offering brings basic coding skills to kids as young as four. The pets in Meet the Coding Critters introduce real coding concepts through fun and interactive storybook coding adventures. Read more>>

People Watch

Hartford Courant
Assistant Superintendent Catherine Carbone has been chosen to lead the Connecticut city’s school system after Superintendent Sue Moreau retires. Carbone had served as a senior administrator in the Hartford schools, and before that spent seven years as a middle school principal. Read more>>

Ventura County Star
Currently the deputy and associate superintendent of student services at the Ventura County Office of Education, Roger Rice has been named as superintendent of the Ventura USD in California. He takes over from Superintendent David Creswell, who resigned in December. Read more>>

Juneau Empire
The interim has been made permanent. The Alaskan district’s board of education voted to confirm Bridget Weiss as the permanent superintendent rather than expand the search nationwide. She has been serving as the interim since August since Mark Miller departed. Read more>>

News From DA's FETC

Salman Khan
The National Future of Education Technology Conference has announced that educator and entrepreneur Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy, will deliver the opening keynote address at the 39th annual event in Orlando, Florida. He will explain how Khan Academy is accelerating learning for millions of students and share his vision for the future of education. Register now>>