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New Hampshire Union Leader
Over the past decade, New Hampshire school districts have left unspent more than $10 million in federal aid for special education, at a time when many school administrators complain that the crushing costs of special needs programs are challenging local budgets. Read more>>

Maine Public
Nickerson Elementary School in Swanville informed parents that school would be canceled after several of the district’s bus drivers called in unable to report to work. Superintendent Mary Alice McLean says the district has a shortage of substitute bus drivers, but that the situation this week was unprecedented. Read more>>

The Daily Caller
Students at Cumberland County High School are fighting against what they say is the local Pennsylvania school district’s unconstitutional ban on distributing Bibles on campus. The school district had until Monday to respond to a letter from a law center requesting that the administration allow the students to distribute. Read more>>

Associated Press via WANE
House Republican leaders announced they will advance a proposal setting a target of districts spending at least 85 percent of state money on teachers and other classroom costs. The proposal wouldn’t force spending changes on districts, but would require a state report listing their performance. Read more>>

The Detroit News
Michigan’s Department of Education will seek a legal opinion on the state’s new A-F school rating system before it begins implementation. The office will be reaching out to state Attorney General Dana Nessel and the U.S. Department of Education because a portion of the new law violates federal law. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Gainesville Sun
School boards need to be allowed to punish students if their social media posts are harmful toward the school, students or faculty. A contract with each student should outline what they are allowed and not allowed to do according to their First Amendment rights, along with punishments for breaking the contract. Read more>>

The Huffington Post
The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission’s suggested solutions are not an adequate response to the questions raised by the shooting, Parkland students say. Some at the school―particularly those of color―said that the suggested changes, like heightened security and armed teachers, would make the school feel less safe. Read more>>

The Bulletin
Oregon students who wish to attend school outside their home districts may have trouble doing so next school year. They may, that is, unless the state Legislature acts this year to extend the 2011 law that makes it easier for students to cross district lines to attend school. It’s no longer the controversial subject it was when first approved, and lawmakers should extend it. Read more>>

Industry News

Emotional ABCs
Emotional ABCs Classroom is a new social emotional learning curriculum for K3 teachers and elementary school counselors. The program consists of 20 sequential workshops to instruct students in four major areas, including self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and responsible decision making. Read more>>

Hack is a full-stack laptop designed to teach kids to code by enabling them to hack games, settings and apps. Built on the Linux-based Endless Operating System, kids access source code and use a real sandbox for learning how to code. Read more>>

News From DA's FETC

William Dembi
If you ask K12 school district leaders what keeps them up at night, there’s a good chance data security ranks high on their list. So how can school districts protect their data? Many districts find the answer is cloud computing—the on-demand delivery of computer power, database storage, applications and other IT resources through internet-based services. Read more>>