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Victoria Clayton

District leaders realize that when it comes to getting alternative program students to graduation, the name of the game is support, not punishment. Read more>>

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While STEAM subjects can be intimidating to many students, LEGO Education is making these complex subjects more approachable through the power of purposeful play. Find out how hands-on learning can boost creativity and collaboration while helping students thrive with real-world applications of 21st-century skills. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

An increasing number of district leaders are creating highly detailed graduate profiles to ensure students have the soft skills they need to succeed after high school.  Read more>>

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When it comes to ed tech tools, having options is not a problem. The struggle comes in finding a solution centered on the three keys to an effective K-12 ecosystem: curriculum, instruction and assessment. Download the white paper and learn how a single platform can simplify teaching while still providing a personalized experience for every learner. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

College students staff nightly homework hotlines for high school and middle school students who math and science help. Rather than serving up the answers, tutors aim to guide the younger students toward solving problems themselves. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

New York may begin screening preschoolers for dyslexia, and Montana now requires schools to test all new students, up to second grade. The policy changes come as parents pressure educators to enhance interventions. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn

Growth mindset studies reveal conflicting evidence on the benefits of the idea that student intelligence can improve through challenges and hard work. Read more>>

Jack Marley-Payne, DA guest columnist

Despite being the primary technology used in mathematics education, the only people who still use graphing calculators regularly in their workplace are math teachers. DA guest columnist Jack Marley-Payne says spreadsheets are a better way to learn math. Read more>>

aha! Process and District Administration

Learn disciplinary approaches that create positive school environments and destigmatize poverty. A principal from Humble ISD in Texas and an industry expert will discuss tips for keeping schools calm by reducing shame, anger, and emotional stress. Register now>>

The Texas Tribune

The district's draft middle school curriculum explains that abstinence is the only way to completely avoid pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. But it also includes some of the risks and benefits of other forms of birth control. Read more>>

Lewiston Sun Journal

What started as an after-school elective a few years ago has taken root as a 12-week program that covers four themes: gardening, physical activity, cooking and nutrition. Read more>>

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