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Matt Zalaznick

The key to the effectiveness of any ed tech tool, including robots for children with autism, lies in whether students transfer the skills they’ve learned from schoolwork into their daily lives. Read more>>

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Evaluating a learning management platform can be a challenge. In fact, 67 percent of ed tech licenses go unused each year. Ensure your schools are getting the most out of their licenses. Enjoy this 13-step evaluation guide to choosing a solution designed to span each stage of learning. Download now>>

Matt Zalaznick

How educators across the country are using the natural world right outside their buildings to make learning more relevant and engaging. Read more>>

Ariana Fine

Girls Take Flight program aims to diversify the students who earn FAA remote pilot certificates on their way to becoming drone operators. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

A new high school education program acknowledges that some students will choose to use drugs, alcohol or other substances. So, it's teaching young people to make safe choices. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Now, 99% of U.S. schools have adequate internet access, according to EducationSuperhighway, a nonprofit that formed in 2012 to ensure that all students can participate in digital learning. Read more>>

Matthew X. Joseph, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker

Creating a classroom climate where it is OK to make mistakes and that encourages students to take risks is key, says DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Matthew X. Joseph, who is director of curriculum, instruction and assessment at Leicester Public Schools in Massachusetts. Read more>>

The News & Observer

The program has sparked complaints from some parents who say that the shift away from traditional learning methods to working in groups to solve problems is hurting students. Read more>>

The New York Times

A curriculum called “Food Ed.” encourages high school students to think about the way nutrition intersects with culture, the environment and farming. Read more>>

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