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Matt Zalaznick

Special education professional development in Fulton County Schools in Atlanta is now guided by a team of 22 instructional coaches tasked with helping teachers boost student achievement. Read more>>

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Evaluating a learning management platform can be a challenge. In fact, each year 67 percent of ed tech licenses go unused. Ensure your schools are getting the most out of their licenses. Enjoy this 13-step evaluation guide to choosing a solution designed to span each stage of learning. Download now>>

Matt Zalaznick

Many districts have struggled to fund study-abroad programs. But educators at District of Columbia Public Schools say they are seeing a big return on investment from sending students overseas. Read more>>

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Introducing a new ed tech program can be daunting. However, if your district's goal is to strengthen college and career readiness efforts for students, it shouldn’t be. Here are five surefire ways to ensure fast, successful adoption of new software in your schools. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Trucks, and working on them in the Walmart parking lot, is what the boys in Lindsay Johnson’s sixth-period English class mostly wanted to discuss last school year. So Johnson helped the students channel their enthusiasm into a podcast. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Texas appears likely to approve an African American studies course while California struggles to revise its heavily criticized draft curriculum. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Latest research finds some screen time, from some sources, doesn’t harm grades. So educators and parents must find the right balance for ed tech and entertainment. Read more>>

Karen Beerer

Three ideas to bring science teaching and learning back into the first-grade classroom with the goal of developing better readers and writers. Read more>>

The Colorado Sun

Until very recently, Denver’s eighth-grade social studies curriculum asked students to identify the challenges faced by settlers as they moved West in the 1800s — but not those faced by the Native Americans whose land they took. Read more>>

WDIV ClickOnDetriot

As rates of bullying, substance abuse, anxiety and depression are increasing among teens and pre-teens, psychologists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison believe they have found something that can decrease the likelihood of these issues from a young age. Read more>>

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