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Matt Zalaznick

School leaders navigating coronavirus closures have shifted online learning on-the-fly to help students and teachers face numerous challenges, including access and illness. Read more>>

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Gain insight into using social-emotional behavior (SEB) screening to pinpoint whether students need academic or SEB interventions, or both, to support their success. Download now>>

Matt Zalaznick

Equity problems that plague K-12 education under normal conditions have only been worsened by the shift to online and remote learning, and the transition may leave some students farther behind come fall, experts say.   Read more>>

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Each week, teach@home provides an easy-to-follow lesson schedule for kindergarten through fifth grade; daily, grade-specific, teacher-delivered video lessons for math and literacy; worksheets for math and literacy; and Daily Specials activities, including art, STEM, SEL and more. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Teachers can improve online learning by encouraging parents to expand their concept of instruction. At-home learning activities can include imaginary play, mapping home and yards, and teaching fractions through baking. Read more>>

DA Staff

Students and teachers from Salamanca City School district, an FETC STEM Excellence Award finalist for 2020, are using 3D printing technology to help ease shortages of protective gear for doctors, nurses and first responders. Read more>>

Chris Burt

Here are free resources, services and teaching materials being offered at no charge during the coronavirus outbreak. Updated on April 29. Read more>>

Hannah Dismuke, DA guest columnist

Rather than present a best guess as fact, provide students with the tools they need to stay up to date on COVID-19, says DA guest columnist Hannah Dismuke, a science teacher in North Carolina's Guilford County Schools. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Screen time, social media, video games and other online activities are the only way students can stay in touch with friends under stay-at-home orders. Read more>>


Caitlin Mitchell, an English language arts teacher and curriculum designer, quickly put together free online tutorials showing teachers that making the shift to distance learning was do-able. She focused on the basics and encouraged educators to stay positive. Read more>>

The 74

Four years ago, a first-grade classroom in Putnam County, Tennessee would have looked very different. Phonics instruction would not have been explicit, systematic or even consistent from one class to the next, whether down the hall or across the district. Read more>>

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