Cultivating a Positive Assessment Culture

Date of broadcast: Thu, 08/30/18

Most current assessment systems rely on generating data in order to identify, sort and label students, as well as educators. But, this approach is at odds with what has always been the true purpose of effective assessment, which should instead be to build hope, efficacy and achievement for both learners and educators. It’s time for a radically different approach.

Attend this web seminar to learn practical steps you can take to cultivate a more positive assessment culture in your district. Renowned author, trainer and educator Cassandra Erkens will outline the main tenets of effective classroom assessment, and explore the systems and culture of expectations district leaders must create to establish a healthier, more effective approach to assessment.

Scheduled speakers:

Cassandra Erkens
Author, trainer and educator
Solution Tree

Who will benefit: Administrators interested in assessment, PD or student achievement. Anyone may attend.