Creating Successful Student-Led Technology Initiatives

Date of broadcast: Thu, 04/05/18

Planning, implementing and maintaining large-scale district technology initiatives can be difficult, particularly when budgets are tight and IT departments are understaffed. But by involving students in leading these efforts, districts are able to address their technology personnel needs while providing students with expanded real-world learning opportunities.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about creating successful student-led technology initiatives. We’ll be joined by two technology leaders from the Temple ISD in Texas, who will discuss how they created their student-led 1:1 initiative at Temple High School, how it is benefiting students, teachers and the community, and the keys to building such a program at any district.

Topics will include:

    • Details of Temple’s student-led tech program, STIR
    • How the STIR program is benefiting students, teachers and the community
    • Lessons learned from Temple’s STIR program
    • Strategies for beginning a similar program in any district

Scheduled speakers:

Jessica Mays
Instructional Technology Specialist
Temple ISD (Texas)

Jacki Wright
Instructional Technology Specialist
Temple ISD

Who will benefit: Administrators interested in technology, 1:1 initiatives or student engagement. Anyone may attend.