Creating A Data-Driven District

Date of broadcast: Thu, 09/13/18

There are a variety of steps that administrators can take to create a data-driven district culture, by helping teachers to use the right data in the right way to address the diverse learning needs of students, leading to powerful learning outcomes across schools.

Attend this web seminar to learn how you can create a data-driven culture in your district. We’ll be joined by the executive director of curriculum and instruction from Rio Grande City CISD in Texas, who will discuss the importance of quality data, and how to foster a data-driven culture, achieve buy-in, and use data to inform classroom strategies and drive academic achievement.

Scheduled speakers:

Serapio Trillayes
Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Rio Grande City CISD (Texas)

Karen Ingram
National Education Consultant

Who will benefit: Administrators interested in data-driven decision making. Anyone may attend.