Construction Watch: Proposed legislation seeks to pay off North Dakota school construction debt


A long journey lies ahead for House Bill 1525, which recently came before the North Dakota House Education Committee. It seeks to draw money from the Common Schools Trust Fund to pay off all the outstanding debt accrued by school districts around the state, and to fund new or the expansion of common school and rural property facilities. This would, if passed, eliminate the need for voters to decide if they would pay for additional school construction through bonding or tax increases. Read more

Other construction news:

The New York State Education Department has a perpetual backlog of school building project reviews, with nearly half taking six months or longer before they are approved, an audit found. Many projects typically languish for months, adding inflationary costs and impacting the way districts plan for building renovations, new construction, structure modernization or other efforts. Read more

A new debt affordability study for North Carolina could throw cold water on plans by the House and Gov. Roy Cooper to pass a nearly $2 billion bond for public school construction. The Senate said the study at least indirectly justified its alternative proposal to fund K12 building with a pay-as-you-go plan. Read more


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