Company approved to provide bleeding control training for Texas schools

October 8, 2019 | Con10gency Consulting, LLC

Con10gency Consulting, LLC curriculum has been approved by the Texas Education Association (TEA) to provide training in the use of bleeding control stations recently authorized by the Texas House Bill (H.B.) 496 in accordance with Texas Education Code (TEC), §38.030. Currently, Con10gency Consulting is the only Texas-based company with bleeding control curriculum approved by the Texas Education Agency.

“We are honored to have our curriculum approved by the Texas Education Agency,” said Richard Smith, Founder and President of San Antonio-based Con10gency Consulting. “The first ten minutes are the most critical, and proper training and equipment can often make the difference in saving someone’s life. House Bill 496 represents a tremendous step in protecting children throughout Texas, and we’re proud to support those efforts.”

To deal with the potential of a mass-casualty event occurring in a Texas school, the Texas Legislature passed H.B. 496 establishing a traumatic injury response protocol and the installation of bleeding control stations in public schools. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed H.B. 496 into law June 15, 2019, and it has been added to the Texas Education Code (TEC), §38.030.

The Texas Education Code (TEC), §38.030 requires the Texas Education Agency to approve all training for the use of bleeding control stations. The training is required for each school district peace officer, school security personnel, school resource officers and all other district or school personnel who may reasonably be expected to use a bleeding control station. In addition, the law requires that school districts offer bleeding control station instruction annually to students in Grade 7 and higher.

Con10gency Consulting provides H.B. 496-compliant bleeding control training and bleeding control stations to school districts to ensure that Texas schools meet the requirements by the January 1, 2020 deadline. Con10gency is a leading provider of medical trauma kits for school districts and government agencies in Texas and across the country.

Smith, a former U.S. Marine and 28-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), was instrumental in establishing and coordinating the award-winning SAPD Tactical Medic Program and has trained thousands of first responders. Smith has seen first-hand the importance of enabling bystanders to become “initial responders” who help save the life of friends, loved ones and strangers in the critical first ten minutes of an incident before first responders arrive.

Con10gency’s staff of certified trainers are all current or former law enforcement medics, EMS providers or military medics with extensive trauma care experience. The experienced staff provide instruction in tactical medical procedures to first responders, and train individuals, including teachers and other everyday bystanders, on how to become an effective initial responder.

“As an emergency physician, I know that the key to increased survival rates for any traumatic hemorrhaging event, natural or man-made, depends on the ability to stop the loss of blood,” said Dr. Craig Manifold, Chief Medical Officer, Con10gency Consulting; Brigadier General (BVT) (Ret), Texas Air National Guard. “Con10gency provides education and training for the immediate control of bleeding. Enhancing the knowledge of our true ‘immediate’ responders, we can save lives and increase the resiliency of our communities. This approach is the most effective for saving lives in our communities.”

Con10gency has been working with school districts throughout Texas for years, training teachers, administrators and staff on traumatic hemorrhage control procedures. Con10gency offers school districts a turn-key solution that includes not only the training, but also the equipment to ensure they are ready to deal with traumatic events.

“We have worked with Con10gency on multiple trainings for our staff,” said Cara Sue Dudley, Curriculum Director for Centerville I.S.D. “Their enhanced level of training, along with equipment, has been instrumental in preparing our staff for any number of potential traumatic events. They have even helped us better integrate our response with local police and EMS. All of this helps ensure our children are safer.”

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