Collaborative K12 classroom displays

Smart TVs and whiteboards allow even more students to collaborate. Depending on the model, students can interact with a touch screen in 10 to 32 different places simultaneously. Many of these displays come with screen mirroring capabilities and apps that are loaded with learning activities.

Other tools include collaborative software that monitors internet use and a product that can transform most surfaces into interactive spaces.



These screens provide a 178-degree viewing angle so students can see content from almost anywhere in the classroom. The VN series features software that allows teachers to create interactive lessons and play videos.

Touch points: 20

Resolution: 4K

Screen sizes: 65 inches, 75 inches and 86 inches

Number of ports: Four HDMI; one DisplayPort

6000U Series

Clear Touch Interactive

These panels have 2GB of built-in RAM and 16GB of ROM, and offer access to a streamlined Android app store.

Touch points: 20 (Windows and Android OS); 10 (writing and for Mac OS)

Resolution: HD

Screen size: 55 inches, 65 inches, 70 inches, 75 inches and 86 inches

Number of ports: Four USB 2.0; two USB 3.0; three HDMI



This system offers laser projection of images onto a touch board that doubles as a dry-erase surface. MimioSpace comes with an app that can mirror the screens of devices, including Chromebooks, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Touch points: 32

Resolution: 4K

Screen size: 11-foot-wide by 4-foot-high touch board

Number of ports: N/A

ActivPanel i-Series flat panel displays


The i-Series of flat panel displays protects against sun glares and shadows. It comes with software that provides interactive lessons, activities and quizzes.

Touch points: 10

Resolution: HD and 4K

Screen sizes: 65 inches and 75 inches

Number of ports: Three HDMI; two USB 2.0

RM Series


The RM Series of flat panel displays features technologies that protect student eyes from blue light emissions, glares and LED backlight flickers that may cause eye fatigue and discomfort. The screens can wirelessly broadcast content between 16 queued mobile devices.

Touch points: 10

Resolution: 4K

Screen size: 65 inches, 75 inches

Number of ports: Two USB 2.0; two USB 3.0; two HDMI; one MHL

Other tools

NetSupport School software

NetSupport School

This classroom and device management software features an interactive whiteboard that has annotation tools, including lines, arrows, shapes and text highlighting. Teachers can start group chats and mirror their screens onto student devices. The software also monitors student screens, creates assessments and controls internet usage.

CRB-2 Interactive Writing Tool


Teachers can transform any surface into an interactive display using this package. Educators first place a sensor above the display area they choose, which includes TV monitors, projector screens or walls. A wireless transmitter then projects content from any device, such as a laptop, to the area beneath the sensor. An instructor or a student can use the interactive pen to write over the displayed content.

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