Collaboration has positive effects on personal learning

CDW and Intel team up to advance technology in education
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November 28, 2018

What are some ways technology is increasing personal learning?

We are seeing a significant digital transformation. Mobility, cloud, storage, faster networks and innovative device form factors are combining to create a major change in how technology can be used in the classroom. The confluence of Common Core, E-rate policy, digital curriculum and tech innovation that began six years ago has accelerated.

Millions of devices are shipped for use in classrooms. Pedagogical models change in large- and small-scale adoption, but we will always have a ways to go because technology and how to use and optimize it for students evolves constantly. 5G, virtual reality and augmented reality will all be game changers in terms of wireless networks and better access, even for those with home access challenges. Some of the biggest U.S. districts have the largest Wi-Fi infrastructures.

How are these advancements changing student learning?

We want constant and better outcomes, engagement and inspiration. We want them to show in terms of efficacy and test scores. But it’s now more about engaging and teaching kids the right skill sets. Our ability to ingest, process and store data is unprecedented.

What does having access to data mean for a teacher, administrator or parent? How will they use it? It is moving us to personalize learning and intervene immediately when students struggle, and it gives us analytics and insights that we haven’t had.

In the coming years, better analytics and insights will provide better outcomes for students. That’s never been more important in terms of global competitiveness. These students are going to compete in fields of robotics, cyber and advanced finance. These new capabilities are how we’ll deliver the skill sets students need.

What is the best way to protect data as data continues to increase?

Cyber is becoming very complicated and urgent. We don’t want students’ or teachers’ personal information exposed. Schools have to heed cyber protection, and because of the sophistication, they need advanced partners to help them understand the current landscape and how to get the right solutions for protection. CDW does this extremely well.

How do CDW and Intel collaborate?

We have a very deep and productive relationship that lets us transfer our knowledge about tech possibilities. CDW services its end customers in a differentiating way, given the breadth of their product line, expertise and solutions capabilities. CDW trains their people through academies and helps them understand and service their customers in a way that is very differentiated in the market.

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