How to use climate data as a tool for equity

Principals should guide teachers and in strengthening relationships with students
By: | August 12, 2020

Principals can invite students to help construct the climate of the school, but annual or semi-annual surveys are not quite sufficient.

Principals should guide teachers in strengthening relationships with students to gather feedback constantly and share decision-making. This can create a shared vision of care, rather than the outdated model in which educators tried to “fix” at-risk students, according to a climate data tool kit developed by The Aspen Institute Education & Society Program.

To achieve this, educators must shift from asking “How do we get more students to feel engaged?” to “How do our practices disengage students, and what improvements can we make?”

Here are four tips for blending data into daily equity work by:

  • Include climate data in school improvement plans.
  • Create a “climate council.”
  • Share the research base.
  • Equity requires dialogue.

2. Embedding climate data into all school activities ⇒