Classroom audio for K12

The latest technology can fill classrooms with movie theater-quality sound. Among the latest products are audio enhancers for videoconferences and speakers that can mount to various surfaces and generate sound from numerous devices. Students can add some constructive “noise” of their own with throwable microphones and online music platforms.

SoundStructure C-Series


This conferencing system eliminates feedback and echoes from microphones, talkers and loudspeakers. The C-Series features password protection and provides conferencing features on all inputs. It can also transfer audio to HD videoconferencing systems, including Medialign that generates content in 1080p resolution.

PowerLite Pilot 2

Epson America Inc.

Teachers can mute and turn Epson projectors on or off using this wall-mountable AV control box. Instructors can also control the volume of their projector and change input settings from the Pilot 2, which connects to portable audio devices. An extension box expands cable range.


Cyber Acoustics LLC

The 3-inch speakers inside this wall-mountable device generate sound from various sources, including Smart TVs and smartphones. Teachers can use the unit as a PA system by plugging in a microphone and can control it with the included remote. The device can fit on any size cart.

Traveler Quest 8

Galaxy Audio

This PA system features a 150-watt amplifier with an 8-inch woofer and 1-inch horn. A media player allows teachers to play audio from an SD card, USB drive or Bluetooth-enabled device. The system runs on AC power indefinitely and batteries for approximately 24 hours.

Earshot app


Teachers record themselves with this app to uncover their own behavioral patterns. Earshot uses A.I. to create data charts and graphs based on the recorded audio. Data shows if educators asked open-ended questions, and how often teachers allowed students to think deeply and to speak.


Listen Technologies

Teachers speaking into this pocket-size transceiver and transmitter will be heard by students who have their own ListenTALK. Students pair their devices with the educator’s by tapping them together. Teachers can allow participants to only listen, to listen and respond to the leader, or to listen and respond to the leader and group.

Soundtrap EDU


Students can access this cloud-based online platform from any device to collaborate on music projects with Soundtrap’s collection of loops, effects and software instruments. Teachers can give remote lessons in real time and browse instructional ideas in the platform’s library of podcasts and literacy training recordings.

VoiceLift Pro

Extron Classroom

VoiceLift Pro consists of handheld and pendant microphones. Its charging station and receiver transmit audio—which doesn’t interfere with other internet connections or presentation systems—to a separate AV system. The package supports two microphones and can send email and text message alerts.

Activate system

Lightspeed, a learning company

Activate comes as either a table-top or ceiling-mounted audio system, or as an amplifier with installed speakers. It includes battery-powered pods with a speaker and microphones for two-way communication. An app allows teachers to connect to each pod. A station charges pods and microphones, and connects mobile devices via Bluetooth.

EPIC System

Audio Enhancement Inc.

Administrators can use this system to make hands-free intercom calls, to create bell schedules, and to page specific parts of the school. The EPIC System comes with a touchscreen display and connects to all Audio Enhancement devices.



Teachers use this soft, throwable microphone to promote class participation. Students toss the Catchbox around to classmates who want to speak. The speaker then lobs the device to the next person. Schools can also customize the microphone’s fabric with logos.

Neptune speaker

OWI Incorporated

The Neptune’s 5-inch woofer and four half-inch tweeters cover the same area as four traditional units. The speaker reaches maximum power at 65 watts and generates 8 ohms. Teachers can install the speaker on walls or ceilings.

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