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Esports remains the best vehicle to reach all K-12 students

The pandemic may have slowed a bit of the fervor, but interest in gaming, learning in schools is still soaring.

Closing the equity gap in student data protection

Students are at risk of having their identities stolen. Here's what schools can do to protect them.

Social media threats are now closing schools more often than COVID

Though the threats appear unfounded, they are closing classrooms and raising anxiety as schools are trying to find some send of normalcy.

5 things that are motivating students even more than good grades

Students are most engaged in lessons that teachers say will help build creativity and allow self-expression while building strong relationships remains the top instructional practice.

All K-12 schools plan to spend emergency relief funds on this item in 2022

But there are significant differences among rural, urban and suburban districts on use of ESSER funds.

5 strategies to keep students safe online in 2022

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more common in education, putting students'—and educators'—personal information and data at risk.

Is your K-12 district equipped to handle bias, racist and hateful rhetoric?

Empowering students to react when incidents occur is critical to a school's success, and administrators must be proactive.

FETC: 3 superintendents share their lessons learned from the 2020 school year

When the way our education system operates changed at a moment's notice in March 2020, it turned out there was much more district leaders had to figure out than simply how to keep students learning.

How artificial intelligence is poised to change the future of education

AI's prevalence is all around, but it is up to educators to embrace it and use intuitive technologies to fuel all students.

Embrace ed-tech as you learn to conquer uncertainty at FETC Friday

You can take a deep dive into coaching through uncertainty, blockchain technology, and fully embracing ed-tech on the closing day of FETC Friday.

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