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Cybersecurity needs to be reimagined, because it’s not an IT problem

In the event of a cyberattack, districts need to have a cross-departmental team in place to address the issue, because IT can't do it alone.

How digital badges will help define the future of learning and PD

Badges and micro-credentials showcase students' strengths and mastery through reflection and self-assessment—and they're easier than ever to use.

Schools that don’t take these 3 steps remain vulnerable to cyberattacks

Schools lost more than four days on average to downtime and spent nearly a month recovering from the cyberattacks.

Here are 1 million ways teachers are having serious fun on TikTok

TikTok teachers are showing off their video production skills as they connect with students and exchange ideas with colleagues.

Districts can only do so much to prevent cyberattacks. They need federal support

Facilitated communication between K-12 and federal agencies is imperative for reducing cyberattacks against educational institutions.

Why pursuing edtech innovation must not end with the pandemic

COVID-19 forced school districts to adopt fresh practices to meet the needs of their students, but there's still much more to learn going forward.

Why cybersecurity skills in K-12 take commitment, not complexity

Cybersecurity in schools starts with a commitment to increased awareness of phishing and other scams, and vigilance from the top down.

How solar panels are helping leaders put energy into teacher pay

Sheridan Community Schools has redirected about $1.3 million toward salaries each year since the Indiana district shifted to solar energy.

How to build school community, one digital coin at a time

A music teacher explains how his school gets everyone involved by focusing on core values and rewarding positive behavior.

The top 20 list of apps schools are using most contains a few surprises

You may not know that most school districts own more than 2,000 apps but just 300 of those products account for 99% of use.

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