Instructional technology

Surprise! One company dominates the top 40 tech tools schools are using

The average K-12 student accessed 74 different ed-tech tools in the first half of the 2021-22 school year while the average teacher used 86, according to LearnPlatform.

These 2 schools were virtual before COVID. Here’s what it taught them.

Leaders at the nation's online public schools say their experiences can help other educators use ed-tech more effectively.

COVID-era tech innovations are here to stay, 3 educators say

Across the country, educators are building on the innovations of the remote and hybrid learning eras to reach a new normal of more advanced use of educational technology.

To improve ed tech, focus on feedback

Automated feedback can supplement in-person instruction by making teachers' jobs easier while personalizing student experience.

Girls show higher aptitude than interest in STEM. Here’s how to get them engaged

Female students have given several reasons for not taking STEM classes, including when a certain course is predominantly male. They are also worried about hazing or appearing less intelligent, career counselors say.

Techquity: Why access is only one part of achieving edtech success

Acclaimed education leader Ken Shelton says at FETC Conference schools must empower and listen to all students.

5 things that are motivating students even more than good grades

Students are most engaged in lessons that teachers say will help build creativity and allow self-expression while building strong relationships remains the top instructional practice.

5 strategies to keep students safe online in 2022

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more common in education, putting students'—and educators'—personal information and data at risk.

How artificial intelligence is poised to change the future of education

AI's prevalence is all around, but it is up to educators to embrace it and use intuitive technologies to fuel all students.

Embrace ed-tech as you learn to conquer uncertainty at FETC Friday

You can take a deep dive into coaching through uncertainty, blockchain technology, and fully embracing ed-tech on the closing day of FETC Friday.

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