Instructional technology

How a district created a virtual learning academy during COVID

Darlington County School District in rural South Carolina saw an overwhelming response when educators there created a virtual academy to enhance online learning this school year. 

5 ways to communicate with families experiencing, at risk for homelessness

COVID has compounded challenges in outreach to those least capable of maintaining internet connectivity to participate fully in schooling, and innovative outreach strategies may be needed.

7 policy moves that could transform K-12 education

Alternative grading and competency-based learning are two key shifts superintendents might consider as they lead COVID recovery in their school districts.

5 steps for teaching students with autism through VR

Here's why this school year is a good time to start using virtual reality to help educate students on the autism spectrum, and how schools can get started.

6 strategies for improving distance learning

Engagement and equity issues need not hinder online learning this school year in the same way they disrupted K-12 education when COVID shut schools down in the spring.

3 building blocks to succeed in the coming school year

Taking steps to meet students' basic needs, ensuring connectivity, and advancing innovation will be key to success this year.

9 things parents say about schools in the COVID-era

Parents' confidence in public schools soared while their support for online learning grew sharply despite the COVID shutdown of schools this spring, according to an annual education survey.

COVID-era edtech PD: What teachers are saying

Teachers are eager to use edtech to personalize online learning as schools recover from COVID but say they aren't receiving enough formal professional development.

Teacher survey finds 6 key tech considerations for schools’ return

COVID-19 turned schooling virtual. What role will technology play in education once the pandemic ends?

9 edtech coaching insights for the new school year

Teachers and administrators are truly realizing the value of edtech coaches since COVID closures forced schools to enhance online learning quickly and substantially, a new survey finds.

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