Instructional technology

How music classes have gone digital since school closures

Hip hop, guitars and SEL joined K-12 music classes as school closures required educators to explore new tools for learning in online classes.

How classroom pets liven up online learning

Classroom pets serving as guest stars in online learning sessions this spring gave students separated from teachers and friends a social-emotional learning boost.

Colorado plans to use CARES Act funds for blended learning

Leveraging both technology-based and face-to-face instructional approaches, blended learning in this state will be supported by federal funds. School districts plan to increase instructional hours, including summer school time, English learner programs, and tutoring capacity, to address the COVID slide.

Why more music classes are covering coding and digital skills

During online learning, music teachers can help students develop the skills needed on the engineering side of the music business, such as using digital tools to record themselves.

Secure Access for All: Minimize Cybersecurity Risks in a Remote World

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What COVID and online learning taught Florida school leaders

As Florida schools reopen, teachers will offer flexibility for families facing health and financial impacts of the coronavirus but still hold students to high academic standards.

STEM school finds renewed purpose through esports

Educator Randall Deich's efforts are helping build community and empowering hope for underserved students in Lauderhill, Florida.

What teachers do not find effective about online learning

During school closures, many educators felt underprepared for online learning and believed that their students would not learn in this new environment.

Device management strategies Part 2: Deployment

Having a solid plan for distributing devices, including who has ownership responsibility, is key to success.

Students need $5 billion for broadband internet, advocates say

A group of education and community organizations is urging Congress to provide $5.25 billion in emergency funding to provide broadband internet access to all of the nation's students.

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