Instructional technology

10 E-rate trends shaping school internet access

A large majority of school leaders want to share federally discounted E-rate internet access with families and other off-campus organizations, according to an annual report.

Why schools need safety management more than ever

This large Florida school district had been using Gaggle for years, but the student safety platform became even more vital as the district transitioned to online learning.

27 education leaders named esports Scholastic Fellows

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation selects group of innovators from U.S. and beyond to collaborate around new ideas in gaming in learning environments

How a Texas district conquered internet dead zones to connect kids

Dead zones in Lockhart ISD's rural communities made handing out hotspots an ineffectual online learning strategy, so the district and its partner built cell towers.

5 reasons why some schools were ready for COVID shutdown

Five factors were good indicators of how confident principals and their teams felt about the transition to online learning when COVID shut down classrooms in the spring.

California disconnect: Nearly 2 million caught in homework gap

Nearly 2 million California students lack access to the internet and 690,000 don't have a computer even as online learning is the norm in most districts.

School spend on remote learning tech growing exponentially

An extensive market intelligence report details what kind of distance learning technology academic institutions are buying as well as activity from major ed tech providers.

Coaching, collaboration, and continuous improvement with video

Video-based reflection, and the use of video coaching, is changing the way we facilitate professional development for teachers.

Education Leaders Share Their Secret Sauce: Leveraging the Power of Video in K-12

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Reopening plan review: 4 promising practices

An analysis of school district response plans to COVID reveals strong, replicable practices from reopening and recovery plans that other systems can model, even where schools have already opened.

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