Why more principals need to embrace STEAM education

A principal and FETC speaker reacts to a recent survey that says principals either don't prioritize the advancement of STEAM education or don't have the means to do so.

Shaifer’s FETC® keynote tapped into Gen Z’s STEM career goals

Generation Z STEM guru Justin Shaifer revealed at @FETC2020 that K-12 students are passionate and ambitious about science, technology, engineering and math. 

Why extracurriculars are not ‘extra’

DA guest columnists Matthew X. Joseph and Christine Ravesi-Weinstein share seven ways after-school activities benefit students and complement academics—and why they should not be cut to overcome budget shortfalls. Joseph, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment at Leicester Public Schools, is a featured speaker at FETC.

Why Daniel Pink’s FETC keynote on school timing sparked a tweetstorm

Daniel Pink's FETC® keynote took place midmorning, when, in accordance with the theme of his speech on school start times, most people—even sleepy high school students—are most ready to learn.

Why FETC attendees are one step closer to obtaining an ed tech micro-credential

At FETC 2020, nearly 150 ed tech coaches and teachers took advantage of a free online training and mentorship program to earn a micro-credential by first participating in select sessions.

Getting social at FETC: Twitter feed highlights

The social media chatter before, during and after the 40th anniversary Future of Education Technology Conference offers a glimpse at the moments worth remembering, speakers to follow, and takeaways for educators and administrators.

Daniel Pink’s FETC keynote urges schools to rethink schedules

Traditional school schedules fail to take advantage of the natural, daily cycle of a student's cognitive abilities, which are analytical earlier in the day, fall into a trough around noon, and become more creative later.

What tech vision are you sharing with students and families?

A school's technology acceptable use policy should cover the benefits of using ed tech—not just promises of punishment, says DA guest columnist Sylvia Martinez, who is co-author of "Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom," and who has been an FETC featured speaker.

How library media specialists can bring crucial learning components to their libraries

At FETC 2020, the numerous sessions of the Future of Ed Tech Library Media Specialist track explored ways that schools can improve collaboration, personalization and learning creation.

FETC 2020 Information Technology track had something for everyone

The FETC Information Technology track featured a wealth of ed tech experts, practical experiences, best practices and quality solutions.

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